Eero unit over heating

I have been very happy with my EERO system as one that bought the system (3 units) via the crowd funding stage, and referred to 4 more house holds for same.   I also recently added a beacon to my system to further increase coverage to my bedroom.   However, over the last few days, I am having some intermittent internet connectivity problems.  When I unplugged and re-plugged the unit connecting to the internet to reset, I get that the top of the unit was relatively hot (like a computer running for a while), and the bottom of the unit is very hot (burning) to my hand.  Is the normal?  Do I have a defective unit?  Its only been 2 years!  Please let me know if anyone experienced the same?

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  • I’m having the same issue. I’ve had my eero for 2 years and now it gets SUPER hot and stops working after about 3 hours of being plugged in.


    Do the units just go bad after 2 years of normal use?

  • We have the same problem! We even called our internet provider and there was no problem with connection

  • Good.

  • I was having connectivity problems tonight so I was rebooting the eero and my Modem and realized my eero is extremely hot.  Like so hot I couldn't touch it.  From what I'm reading above this is happening to alot of people.  Is there a solution??  Mine sits on a separate shelf from all my other equipment and is not in the sunlight so there is no reason for it to be so hot, right???

  • I purchased and set up my new Eero Pro 6 a few weeks back (2 pack). Today I lost internet connectivity in the middle of watching a streaming movie in 4K. The status light on both units were red. I eventually called my ISP and they said all was fine on their end. I restarted the Eero a few times with no luck. 

    After about an hour I went to unplug the main unit and it was EXTREMELY hot. I left it unplugged until it cooled down. Once I plugged it back in and it powered back on, I had internet connectivity again.

    Both units are out in the open. 

    Could the overheating have caused the unit to malfunction until I gave it a chance to cool down?

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