Eero unit over heating

I have been very happy with my EERO system as one that bought the system (3 units) via the crowd funding stage, and referred to 4 more house holds for same.   I also recently added a beacon to my system to further increase coverage to my bedroom.   However, over the last few days, I am having some intermittent internet connectivity problems.  When I unplugged and re-plugged the unit connecting to the internet to reset, I get that the top of the unit was relatively hot (like a computer running for a while), and the bottom of the unit is very hot (burning) to my hand.  Is the normal?  Do I have a defective unit?  Its only been 2 years!  Please let me know if anyone experienced the same?

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  • I’m having the same issue. I’ve had my eero for 2 years and now it gets SUPER hot and stops working after about 3 hours of being plugged in.


    Do the units just go bad after 2 years of normal use?

  • We have the same problem! We even called our internet provider and there was no problem with connection

  • I was having connectivity problems tonight so I was rebooting the eero and my Modem and realized my eero is extremely hot.  Like so hot I couldn't touch it.  From what I'm reading above this is happening to alot of people.  Is there a solution??  Mine sits on a separate shelf from all my other equipment and is not in the sunlight so there is no reason for it to be so hot, right???

  • I purchased and set up my new Eero Pro 6 a few weeks back (2 pack). Today I lost internet connectivity in the middle of watching a streaming movie in 4K. The status light on both units were red. I eventually called my ISP and they said all was fine on their end. I restarted the Eero a few times with no luck. 

    After about an hour I went to unplug the main unit and it was EXTREMELY hot. I left it unplugged until it cooled down. Once I plugged it back in and it powered back on, I had internet connectivity again.

    Both units are out in the open. 

    Could the overheating have caused the unit to malfunction until I gave it a chance to cool down?

  • Several of my eero pro 6 units (purchased within the last 6 months) are also over heating. Too hot to hold a hand against the bottom of the unit. This is happening to two of my wired units which are daisy chained to my gateway and my network frequently becomes slow and eventually unusable. I’m concerned this may be a fire hazard. Please advise.

  • I have experienced intermittent connectivity issues lately, and I suspect it is related to this issue.  I replaced the gateway awhile back with a Pro after similar issues occurred, and it worked great for a time, but now about 4 or 5 months have passed, and it's back to it's old tricks, basically it goes out five or six times randomly throughout the day, sometimes for 5min and sometimes for longer, but never more than 30min.  Everytime it's down and I check my main ISP cable modem which feeds the Eero, it's fine - so I know it's on the Eero side.  My gateway is the only device that does this - and it is sitting ontop of a media center with nothing around it.  It simply gets hot because... it's working very hard.

    Drew you were on these original threads - as you can see above, this is not isolated... 

    Recently I've had to resort to tethering to my phone for most of my business calls.  I am sure having two people work from home, streaming video calls all day is not helping, but would like to know if Eero will at least acknowledge that they have an overheating problem - with more of us continuing to work from home - even after pandemic restrictions end, I think it's worth knowing if Eero can provide some remedy (maybe it can better monitor temperature and shut down non-critical services or something), or maybe Eero/Amazon is working on a product with improved heat sinks, or a fan?

    Would be very good to get an update.  Otherwise I am very happy with Eero!

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  • I’m having the same issue! My 2nd unit that is only plugged into the wall (not even the modem) is so hot to the touch underneath I’m afraid it’s going to start a fire :(

  • Underclocking to reduce temperatures

  • I have this same issue with the eero pro mesh system and my xfinity box.

  • I have put these cooling fans under all of my units - 
    AC Infinity MULTIFAN S1, Quiet 80mm USB Fan

    look for them in Amazon

  • Buy a trivet designed for hot pots and pans and place the Eero on that.  The trivet will provide additional circulation on the bottom. Find them in any housewares store or department.

  • My new Eeros devices (2) are overheating, not just warm but HOT. They are in a shaded area in my home. There’s nothing covering them and there is plenty of ventilation. I even put trivets under both of them and it helped just a little bit. I had to unplug one of them because I was afraid it was going to start a fire, that’s how hot they were. I followed the directions completely for placement. I’m not new to Internet devices I’ve been using them for many years. I can’t have this and I’m considering changing Internet companies if this issue is not resolved. This heat is not like a computer that’s being used. It is much hotter.

    • Mac User Thanks for posting! We would like to look at your network more closely to determine what may be causing this issue. I recommend calling or emailing our team to initiate this investigation. I am also sending you a DM, in case calling or emailing is not an option.

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      Evan (eero support) please do whatever is necessary to correct this problem. Thank you.

  • My eero is currently getting really hot to the point it burns my hand when I touch it

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