Eero unit over heating

I have been very happy with my EERO system as one that bought the system (3 units) via the crowd funding stage, and referred to 4 more house holds for same.   I also recently added a beacon to my system to further increase coverage to my bedroom.   However, over the last few days, I am having some intermittent internet connectivity problems.  When I unplugged and re-plugged the unit connecting to the internet to reset, I get that the top of the unit was relatively hot (like a computer running for a while), and the bottom of the unit is very hot (burning) to my hand.  Is the normal?  Do I have a defective unit?  Its only been 2 years!  Please let me know if anyone experienced the same?

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  • Hi  Micky Tsui —

    Thanks for reaching out. I see that a member of our team is currently helping you through this matter. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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      • Micky Tsui
      • Micky_Tsui
      • 7 mths ago
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      Jeff C. The tech support asked me for the usual questions, like where is unit placed, is it under the sun, covered by stuff, next to a wifi router, etc...  I provided my answers.  The unit is sitting on my desk, with no obstructions, and not under the sun.  It is the unit connecting directly to the cable modem.  I also attached a small switch hub so that I can connect to other local storage devices.   Other eero units are only warm to my hand.  I have another 2 reboots today.

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  • I’m having the same issue. The hard wired unit just over heated and I had to unplug it to cool it down. It was so hot it felt like it could burn skin. I’m a little concerned about it being a fire risk—plus it is a little frustrating to spend 400 and then have connectivity issues. Any suggestions? Is there a recall?

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    • Admatuszak —

      Thanks for reaching out. Like most electronics, eeros can get warm when running. Anything outside of that isn’t typical, and we’d be happy to take a look and provide any next steps including a replacement if necessary.

      If you haven’t yet, please contact our support team so they can take a look. We can be reached by email at support@eero.com or by phone at (877) 659-2347.

      Also, you may want to take a look at this article for tips on placement for your eeros:


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  • I have the same problem. Main Eero of the 3 eero unit is extremely overheating. Has there been any update? Less than 8 months old.

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    • bferjak  —

      Thanks for reaching out. As mentioned above, like most electronics, eeros can get warm while running. We often compare it to a laptop that is on. Anything outside of that type of experience isn't typical, and we'd suggest taking a few precautionary steps, followed by reaching out.

      First and foremost, please make sure the eero isn't in a contained space. If the eero is placed in a closet or cabinet, it is best to move it to a place that is more open.

      In addition to that, please also make sure the eero isn't being covered by any objects.

      If the experience remains after following these steps, or you already were following these best practices, please send us a note at support@eero.com so a member of our team can take a look.

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  • I am still having the same issue.  The connectivity can be intermittent when it exhibits over heating.   I am hoping either I can get a replacement or some software upgrade to solve the problem.

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