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I've been told by support that there's no way to force the EERO's (I have three) to use a specific channel.   

My network is performing poorly and sporadically.  Using a frequency analyzer app on my phone I'm showing EERO on the same channel(s) as 5 neighbors.

I thought the system hopped to open space automatically but this is clearly not happening.

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  • Can you give us more information on your environment (layout, size, locations of devices, distances to each other)?

    How long have the Eero been on and connected? While the Eero sort themselves out their performance will take a hit. 

  • 9000 sq foot house, 3 stories. Internet enters through 3rd floor where the first Eero is connected. 

    2 more Eero's on 2nd and 1st floor all arranged around central open stairway  

    i have no problem adding more Eero's but am wondering what they don't detect a busy channel and hop to another  

  • One of the firmware devs explained this to us in the past. For the way Eero implemented their solution there are only 2 channels available for use 1 & 11. Even though Eero shows as using channel one, in actuality it's using channel 1 through 9. When you use a WiFi analyzer app, you only see the beacon. I'm hoping an Eero representative steps in here as having them all in line of sight is great except you may be too close. Right now I am pretty sure that all the Eero's can see each other "too clearly",  which may be part of your problem. Are any of them wired nodes? Can this be done? 


    In other scenarios I've seen the need for more than 3 units in home the size of yours. 

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  • Thanks for your help.  I'll try it out.

  • Re: seeing each other too clearly:  One note is wired to the hard network.  The other 2 are wireless communicating with the primary node.

  • I tried different channel,  doesn't let me change , there is one way ?

  • I have the same issues and some. I spoke with Eero rep and we walked around the house setting the pods up at 30+ ft away from each other, I still get bad signal strength. I had spectrum come out and rewire and install new cables, still no improvements (modem is getting 461 mbps). nothing changes, the channel is always on 3 which is the most used channel in my neighborhood, and also doesn't jump to the best connection because I was able to see that there were channels that have better connection. The Eero rep talked about having home structure beams helping the Eero performance of the system but walls is a conflict, what?!?! At this point I am extremely unhappy with what I am experiencing with the company and product. From issues like not being able to separate a 2.4gh and a 5.0gh network so smart home devices don't have conflict to not being able to change frequency channels so its not congested. I almost wish I spent $600 on a different device that actually works and is user friendly. I soon will be using the Eero pods to start my BBQ. that's how dissatisfied I am with the product.

    • CapelloFamous We appreciate you taking the time to share some feedback with us, but we're very sorry to hear that you haven't had the best experience with eero so far. It looks like we're currently assisting you through our other support channels currently, which is great. 

      I also wanted to mention that app versions iOS 3.9.0 and Android 3.5.0 have the ability to hide 5 Ghz on your network for a period of time. While it's not a separation of the bands, it can definitely be helpful if you have any devices that need to be set up on 2.4 Ghz. If you haven't already, be sure to update your app to the most recent version.

      Thanks again for taking the time to share some feedback and submit your feature request for channel selection.


      Kora | eero Community Team

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    • Kora (eero Support) I don’t have issues with setting up a 2.4ghz product. I have issues with products that only use 2.4 and I can’t set up separate ssid’s. A 2.4ghz ssid and a 5.0ghz ssid so I can assign corresponding products to these ssid.

      Also the fact that as a customer, one can’t select channels is a huge issue when it comes to a heavy populated area. These 2 issues go hand in hand.. only reason I am still here is because I spent a good amount of money on this eero product. Unless you are willing to give me a refund for my purchase of your product, then in that case I will take it.  

  • Im having the same poor network issues. Every modem and router sets to channel 1 or 11 by default. As a result the 4 neighbors in this twin house are all on channel 1 or 11. So there's a ton of I overlap and no way to change the eero channel.

    I'm addition the 4 hour dhcp lease time is rediculously short. Every 4 hours I the eeros kick all the computers off the wiifi because it needs to renew the dhcp lease. I lose any work in doing online because of this

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  • My network is currently experiencing so major connectivity issues.  I have 3 beacons and 3 Pros, to cover approximately 4000 sq ft. 

    The pros are wired and the beacons are plugged in and all more than 30 feet away from the main gateway.

    I find it of very poor design that a customer / consumer can't change the wifi channel to a less congested channel.  I have had many routers Linksys, Belkin, Tp-Link, all of those gave me more options and ability to change the channel.

    Why on gods green earth Eero can't open the firmware enough to do that.  I work in the telecom industry and as much as the moderators / employees of Eero let everyone know on this forum that it may show either 1 or 11 as the channel in use.  The information that WiFi analyzer displays is invaluable to a network admin as myself in order to optimize the network for use.

    In the Covid 19 world we live in my children and my teacher wife as well as other students doing all their schoolwork from a distance learning perspective this has made my network unstable and damn near unusable.  I now have to start looking at an alternative to Eero because your system is not worth the money that I have spent on it.


    Any solutions to this would be accepted and appreciated.  If no solutions are available I will be left with no other recourse but to purchase another system and not recommend Eero as a viable mesh network.

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  • +1 for us. I've set up many networks by hand over the years, and I breathed a sigh of relief when I plugged in my Eero and didn't have to worry about any of that for once. 

    But then the cracks started to show.

    My Windows machine, standard configuration: every time I open it I have to disconnect my wifi and then connect again to get to speed. What is happening behind-the-scenes (because I have a spectrum analyzer &etc) is that it connects to the 2.5ghz when I open it up, and Eero insists on connecting to channel 1 like all my neighbors. 11 channels in our neighborhood, and my eight nearest houses are broadcasting on channel 1, and Eero chooses channel 1? 

    It's fine if Eero wants to protect us from this setting, but then they better make good choices.

    Eero owns the network, they can do things to make my machine's out of the box experience better.  4 hour leases? Nodes that trap your computer elsewhere when you move from room to room? No feedback in the app about "good node placement"? 

    Most of all, it needs a "this isn't working for me" button in the app that persuades the nodes to rethink their behavior and recalibrate their assumptions. This might include changing to a new channel, refreshing the lease with the modem, or rebonding the remote nodes. Then the AI can do its thing without pompously telling us that it is theoretically optimized and doing everything right when all evidence points to the contrary. 

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  • Unfortunately Eero states that they can’t do anything about selecting what channels to use. It’s very unfortunate because given the price tag on this it should have that option. There are other products out there that are mesh systems that allow you to change and or select channels for the same or less expensive, which I will end up moving to if this doesn’t become an option soon. It’s very annoying and all reps have different answers and myths about it when you call in. As it is I advice people on this issue when they ask or are in the market for a WiFi system because I was fooled and I regret it. 

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  • I've managed networks for three decades, and been a loyal eero customer and advocate for years. This is a major bummer. I've hit an issue where ability to select/force channels would be of use, and can't believe this isn't exposed.

    I can somewhat understand given the "out of box" nature of the product, which I generally like, but similar to other opt-in features this really should be an option.

    Please take a "sensible defaults that can be overridden when needed" UX approach (great to avoid cognitive load in the normal case) vs "we know better than the customer" apple-ish approach (not great to prevent power users working around edge cases). Very disappointed, and now shopping for other products based on this thread.

    Oddly, this even suggests changing channels as a way to improve performance...but it can't be done on eero?


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      deadlysyn agreed. its likely because they implement automatic DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) checks. But as I live within proximity of an an international airport and a Boing Jet Lab, its basically a useless feature for me. Id also like to see verbose change logs provided for all the OS updates.

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  • I found this old thread because changing channel is exactly what I want. My company distributes VMWare VeloCloud VPN devices. They work great when connecting it to my home eero router with an Ethernet cable. But using its Wifi, the network breaks at least once a day. I checked the Wifi channels with a program and see eero uses 153 while VeloCloud uses 157. Since our IT department doesn't allow employees to access the VeloCloud admin page, I thought I could change eero's channel. Too bad, as I just found out. Engineers that design eero should consider the case that some devices won't emit Wifi signals *after* eero is up.

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  • One of the reasons I bought the "pro" version was that I understood that there would be more control. Being able to tune your Wi-fi network is kind of a no-brainer in today's world. Ensuring that you can make simple changes such as changing the broadcast channel central frequency and reducing the width of the channel (from 40 MHz to 20 MHz, for example), should be something that is available - certainly on the Pro version. 

    Please tell me that the Eero 6 dosn;t have the same limitations?

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  • Same problem here.  I live in an apartment complex, so lots of wifi signals bouncing around.   For the life of me, I couldn't get the wifi on my iphone to work (averaging about 1Mbps).  Other devices were inconsistent.  I even spent over an hour with support and they couldn't figure it out.   I wound up returning the router and got a different router (different brand).   I had the same problem initially, but after changing the channel from Auto to Manual and testing out a few different channels, I got all devices to work flawlessly.   

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  • I live in a brand new housing community, as in there were still new houses going up after I moved into my new home. My home wireless network was blazingly fast with my new Eero mesh network for several months. As the neighborhood slowly filled out and all the neighbors set up their own wireless networks, my own wireless network got slower and slower.
    Now I am down to a crawl at around 1.5 Mbps to my wireless devices; meanwhile the wired devices to the same network are pulling ~ 850 Mbps (yes, I have a gigabit connection here). I know exactly what the issue is - there is significant wireless network interference happening due to many nearby neighbors using the same wireless channel (everyone here was provided the same Eero mesh system courtesy of the homebuilder). 
    The Eero app even suggests that wireless network interference may be the cause of my slow speeds. But then it does not provide any way whatsoever to change the channel. I am usually able to "fix" this issue by forcing a manual reboot of the entire mesh system, but I have to do this at least 2x per day now, and I should not have to do this at all when I could just find a channel not being used heavily in the local area. 
    Thanks a lot Eero. 
    I'm pricing out replacing you with a Google mesh system now. 

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  • jtw90210 said:
    It's fine if Eero wants to protect us from this setting, but then they better make good choices.

    Hey eero -- Please correct Eero's channel selection, or allow users to encourage Eero's to reselect a channel, or (gasp) allow users to select the channel.

  • PLEASE allow for manual channel selection by the user.  Rebooting my entire mesh twice a day is getting old.

  • Just got my first two eero's yesterday (Pro 6) and my first impressions aren't good. I'm getting much lower speeds on my office than I got before with an old Wi-Fi 5 NETGEAR Orbi system. How's that possible? And how come we can't change the Wi-Fi network settings, channels and everything?!

    • rfischmann Since my original posting in this thread, I've switched to a Google mesh system as threatened, and I will never be going back to Eero (at least not until they enable manual channel selection). The Google mesh system has been like night and day in comparison. If you're still within your returnable/refund period with those Eero's, I would consider switching them out for a different brand entirely. 

    • kingivory76 I wish I could. Bought it on a trip to the US and am now back in Portugal, where I live. Can't return it…

    • rfischmann That's unfortunate. Welcome to the Club of Eero regret

  • Same here, swapped out to Ubiquiti, not looking back.

  • If eero's intelligence was good enough so that it really didn't have to allow us to set a channel manually, I'd be fine. But it first connected to channel 149, which is pretty bad here. Next day, it switched to 36 and things got WAY better. The other day, it changed to 48 and it was still pretty good. Then, on the third day and for the past 4 days, it went back and stayed at 149. So it might think that's the best way, and it's very bad.

  • Hi, 

    I also would like some kind of ability to give the eero a 'kick' and let it know to reoptimise / rescan the area OR the ability to manually choose the channels.

    My user case is that eero worked fine until my utility company installed a smart electricity meter which signals on the same frequencies. My cheap dumb ISP router found other wifi channels to use however the eero 6 keeps using the same channels as the smart meter and quality and range has drastically reduced. 

    If only restarting it made it rescan or there was a button on the ios app we could press that says optimise wifi - something where it monitors traffic for a while and works out the best wifi channel to use. This could be taken further and over night the unit could review the connectivity logs and select a better channel - something TalkTalk in the UK do with their dumb cheap routers.

    my 20c


    • ivan006 You're totally right. On my previous mesh system, there was a "troubleshooting" area inside the app that ran a process exactly like that. For 5-10 minutes, the system would cycle through all available channels and decide on a better one. eero's troubleshooting feature seems to do nothing.

  • Switched to Ubiquiti Amplifi Alien mesh system.  Totally happy, not going back.  I really wish that Eero had worked out, but the lack of manual channel selection capability in a dense multi-dwelling unit (apartment building) is a deal breaker for performance and stability.

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