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I've been told by support that there's no way to force the EERO's (I have three) to use a specific channel.   

My network is performing poorly and sporadically.  Using a frequency analyzer app on my phone I'm showing EERO on the same channel(s) as 5 neighbors.

I thought the system hopped to open space automatically but this is clearly not happening.

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  • Can you give us more information on your environment (layout, size, locations of devices, distances to each other)?

    How long have the Eero been on and connected? While the Eero sort themselves out their performance will take a hit. 

  • 9000 sq foot house, 3 stories. Internet enters through 3rd floor where the first Eero is connected. 

    2 more Eero's on 2nd and 1st floor all arranged around central open stairway  

    i have no problem adding more Eero's but am wondering what they don't detect a busy channel and hop to another  

  • One of the firmware devs explained this to us in the past. For the way Eero implemented their solution there are only 2 channels available for use 1 & 11. Even though Eero shows as using channel one, in actuality it's using channel 1 through 9. When you use a WiFi analyzer app, you only see the beacon. I'm hoping an Eero representative steps in here as having them all in line of sight is great except you may be too close. Right now I am pretty sure that all the Eero's can see each other "too clearly",  which may be part of your problem. Are any of them wired nodes? Can this be done? 


    In other scenarios I've seen the need for more than 3 units in home the size of yours. 

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  • Thanks for your help.  I'll try it out.

  • Re: seeing each other too clearly:  One note is wired to the hard network.  The other 2 are wireless communicating with the primary node.

  • I tried different channel,  doesn't let me change , there is one way ?

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