Enable ACS and Channel Optimization in Bridge Mode

Since the eeros do no channel tuning when the system is in bridge mode, it would be nice to enable the channel tuning and ACS features while in bridge mode.  Understand there is a FCC limitation for DFS, but ACS and other radio signal health would be good to have in bridge mode.

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    Yes, please add channel selection and ACS in bridge mode. My devices in are in bridge mode and today apparently one of my neighbors router/ap's changed to the same channel as mine and it literally halved my wireless performance. I know they weren't on my channel before because I had looked at channels with inSSider recently. Now I'm stuck with half the performance, actually more 550 mbit vs now 200 mbit, because the AP's don't have the ability to change the channels on their own and I have no ability to change them. This is a very basic feature that is necessary in highly populated environments.

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