Add support for user to choose 2.4/5 ghz channel selection

I live in an apartment complex and almost all my neighbors are on channel 1. My network analyzer app shows my gateway on channel 1, which is just unacceptable. No one is on channel 11. 

I have bad cell service where I’m at so I get fairly bad performance between wireless meeting calls on my laptop, WiFi calling, etc... because the channel is so congested.

Sadly, probably going to have to go to best-buy and pick up another router that allows me to manually configure the channel. 

Please, please implement this feature. Listen to your customers. We want this. It can still be user-friendly by adding this. You already implemented port forwarding, reservations, DNS configuration so please implement channel selection and hide it in the “advanced” menu.


Thank you!

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  • I agree that this would be a huge benefit and is found on almost all other routers. Please make this happen

  • Hi, 

    I also would like some kind of ability to give the eero a 'kick' and let it know to reoptimise / rescan the area OR the ability to manually choose the channels.

    My user case is that eero worked fine until my utility company installed a smart electricity meter which signals on the same frequencies. My cheap dumb ISP router found other wifi channels to use however the eero 6 keeps using the same channels as the smart meter and quality and range has drastically reduced. 

    If only restarting it made it rescan or there was a button on the ios app we could press that says optimise wifi - something where it monitors traffic for a while and works out the best wifi channel to use. This could be taken further and over night the unit could review the connectivity logs and select a better channel - something TalkTalk in the UK do with their dumb cheap routers.

    my 20c


  • This feature is mandatory to avoid interference. Due to the mesh technology, eero router is easily joined to other eero router and it create interference on the network.

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