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Here is your place to share your experiences with new eero Labs feature releases, as well as let us know the types of future concepts you'd like to see here. We encourage you to share your feedback and interact with others, as well as have an opportunity to interact directly with our developers.

While this section will be more focused on connectivity related features, you can also submit general feature requests here.

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  • So I am assuming my eeros updated to the beta version which allowed the wpa3 to be tested. I ended up power cycling all of my pods and everything connected again except for a surface pro 3.


    A suggestion for doing sleep schedules. It would be easier to do a sleep schedule based upon each individual device versus just a profile. In order to do sleep schedule I had to create several more profiles for each of my kids so some things would have access but some things would not. I have kids of different ages and they all don't fall in the same category for amount of time or usage they need. 


    I'm still working on another issue of my wife complaining with her Apple phone is slower than on regular 5G through our carrier. I'll fiddle around with that a little bit more and see if I can figure something out.

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  • Turning on WPA3 caused my Wemo dimmer (second generation) to disconnect from my wireless network. I tried to remove them and re-add them to the Wemo app as well as to the Home app and they would not connect to the network. Turning off WPA3 allowed them to reconnect again.

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      • Sdworman
      • Sdworman
      • 1 mth ago
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      hdwriter the wpa3 is still beta with eero.  This does not work as expected.  So keeping it turned off for now as you did is the only solution.


      Also, if you're concerned about wireless encryption at home, then you should consider an enterprise wireless platform.

      Wpa3 is not something to get real excited about.

      I get it, everyone wants everything to work, but there is a reason for beta.

      • hdwriter
      • hdwriter
      • 1 mth ago
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      Sdworman None of what you’ve posted really matters to me at all. My purpose of posting was primarily to warn other Wemo users that this particular beta test item does not function with Wemo dimmers, at least as it is currently available.

  • I would like to be able to select prioritisation of bandwidth at a device level. Not related to the software but would like to have an eero with mor Ethernet ports.

  • Enabling WPA on my Eero 6 stops myVOCOlinc SmartBar Wi-Fi Plugs (VP5X) unable to connect to my network. 

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  • what ever you changed revert it back, my speeds are 510 down 72 upload but when im wired i get 510 20 upload wired (wifi is fine but i dont use it nor want to) but when i click optimise for conferencing and gaming the speeds go to normal but i dont wanna use it because its not good, lmk if theres a fix 

  • 1st off… why can’t I send feedback directly from the app? I had to make a whole new account just to send feedback about how I had to change all of my network settings just to get my stupid coffee maker to connect to the internet.


    seriously, why does my keurig have to have a million different settings for it when everything else connects (mostly) using the default settings, 


    having to find the troubleshooting tab to get the wifi in 2.4 only mode is also super stupid. I just want my devices to connect when I’m setting them up. 

    terrible design and why is it overly complicated? 

  • The WPA3 toggle was on and it took a call to support to find it was the reason why printers using WPA2 were failing to connect. Surely this toggle shouldn't be designed to impact old devices? It was a consumer network owned by an elderly relative whose printer stopped working so of course it created a big problem. As it was in the beta developer section of the App I didn't looking in there until support suggested. It would be better to leave such beta features off by default.

  • What's the differences between Astroband and eero? 

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  • Guys,

    We need to be able to disable or configure DFS.  Some devices don’t like certain DFS channels (Roku/Firestick, etc) and will ignore 5ghz.  Some of my devices end up with slow 2.4 ghz connections that aren’t good enough for 4K, but they work fine on 5ghz (when eero selects a lower channel).  I’m looking for another solution now as this is a big use case for me.

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  • Anyone else extremely disappointed that they have yet to release any new eero labs content? When I first got my system I was actually really hyped about this idea. Eero really made it seem like they were going to be releasing new features/innovative networking ideas. Now it has been almost a year and a half since I bought my Eero and they have yet to release a single new lab idea. Y'all should change your description of Eero Labs. It is hardly the "latest innovations in wifi". Additionally, y'all shamelessly claim to be "pushing forward new features in future app releases". The labs have literally not changed at all since I purchased my system a year and a half ago. Seems a bit dishonest to me.... Why not be forthcoming about what these features are? They are simply streamlined ways to further customize your wifi. It's frustrating you frame these features as "innovative" while the majority of routers made in the last 5 years have the ability to implement these features. I'll admit on these routers it is much more complicated and time consuming but certainly possible. I would have been perfectly happy with my purchase if you had simply never even mentioned Eero Labs, but you did. Y'all don't get to advertise your products as having this feature when you clearly don't put in the time/effort necessary to make it function. Honestly, wish I could return my Eero over this, but I trusted y'all would follow through on a feature you claimed would be included with my product. I have no idea why I committed that much trust to a company, and hey! surprise surprise another company that doesn't care or respect its customers!

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  • QoS by device, instead of by data type, would be a nice feature. I work from home and my kids homeschool as well. There are times where video data on there iPads for schooling is prioritized over my work computer. I’d like to at least like to prioritize my work laptop as most important first.

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  • To utilize Wifi 6e, we have to enable WPA3 but at the same time Router falls to WPA2/WPA3 that will cause Legacy WPA devices to drop from network and unable to connect.

    If I disable WPA3 then the Router falls back to WPA/WPA2 so all devices can connect but in that case 6GHZ band is not utilized that is what Eero Pro6e built for.


    Broadcast WPA/WPA2/WPA3 once WPA3 is enabled so all devices can connect and at the same time utilize 6GHZ spectrum as well.

    Or a Tamporary workaround allow control on Guest Network to control WPA3 setting so that legacy devices can connect to Guest network with WPA3 disabled while main network can utilize WPA3 at same time.

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