eero Labs features and feedback thread

Welcome to the eero Labs features and feedback thread!

Here is your place to share your experiences with new eero Labs feature releases, as well as let us know the types of future concepts you'd like to see here. We encourage you to share your feedback and interact with others, as well as have an opportunity to interact directly with our developers.

While this section will be more focused on connectivity related features, you can also submit general feature requests here.

For more on eero Labs, visit the eero help center.

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  • Meta concern: There is something wonky going on with this page. When I click on a link to a comment in my email, it goes to that comment—for two seconds. Then it jumps to some random place in this mammoth thread.

    macOS 10.15, Safari

  • Calion I clicked on the email link and I am responding..... 

  • I would like the ability to change sqm implementation on 6 model even if user has to be told that cake will only work with 500 Mbps.

  • Just tested the setting to optimise gaming latency on an eero pro, and unfortunately,  it doesn't work very well. Download latency is still around 45-60 additional ms. When loaded compared to unloaded. The intention is to ensure that is around 5ms. 

    A pfsense a device connecting through a tuned pfsense box with the eero on the same Internet connection achieves a 5ms or lower loaded additional latency.  

    Bufferbloat the still seems to be an issue on the eero. 

  • If the optimize for conferencing and gaming is turned on, does it optimize for hard wired devices or only Wi-Fi connect devices?

    Follow up question if the above is yes: does that hard wired device have to be connected to a non-bridged eero device?

  • I’ve been having issues with Apple Music and Apple TV where content doesn’t play at all. Apple Music songs either don’t play at all or stop after 15 seconds. Apple TV movies will stop and say “problem loading this content”. Everything will work fine if I disable WiFi or switch to the guest network. I have all eero labs features turned off. 

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