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Here is your place to share your experiences with new eero Labs feature releases, as well as let us know the types of future concepts you'd like to see here. We encourage you to share your feedback and interact with others, as well as have an opportunity to interact directly with our developers.

While this section will be more focused on connectivity related features, you can also submit general feature requests here.

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  • The “Optimize for conferencing and gaming” feature just throttles things that aren’t video, rather than prioritizing for video and gaming. If there is no video or gaming going on in my network, downloads should have access to the full bandwidth available. Currently, it doesn’t. Once I turned this feature off, I got the speed up I expected. 

      • Sdworman
      • Sdworman
      • 3 wk ago
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      mtsullivan correct it limits bandwidth to non video or gaming devices.  If you need qos, then buy a router with this capability.  And if you're gaming, you should use a direct ethernet connection to the isp equipment.

      • mtsullivan
      • mtsullivan.1
      • 3 wk ago
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      Sdworman Or I could provide feedback for a feature that is still marked as "Beta" in the hope that *this* router can someday do the job that other routers already do.

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      • Sdworman
      • Sdworman
      • 3 wk ago
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      mtsullivan fair enough. Eero has been a wireless mesh solution.  Not sure if Amazon will evolve this into a router.  You never know.  They've integrated Ring with Eero...


      It's great feedback...

  • It would be nice if there was a way to prioritize each device on the network, or to even permit slicing up bandwidth to specific devices on the fly - I’ve just signed up for 1GB internet and had eero devices installed.  I’m backing up my PC to Backblaze for the first time, and I’d like to shift most of my bandwidth to that backup of 10TB+ of data to get it done quickly.  Once done, I’d just return the mix to default.

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  • I would like more control over which eero my devices use. My thermostat is connected to my basement eero, but is 6ft away from the base in direct line of sight, as an example. 

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  • Not how mesh works.  Devices will get connected to the least congested path to get out to the internet.

    I would be great to turn off 2.4ghz as long as there are no devices needing it.  I know ring prefers 2.4.  As well as Nest.  2.4 travels further but is more congested.

    A great feature would be to add more ssids and assign those to specific eeros.  This way, nest for instance will connect to that specific eero.

  • It would be nice per eero receiver to prioritize either wired or wireless connections (or set a receiver to only wired/wireless). 

    Quicker access in the app to see where data is being used and to set a priority device would be nice. 

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  • Please add a way to prioritize a single device.  This is really needed and something you don’t offer that many other routers do.  Thanks!

  • Move “live data” usage to the top level of the activity screen on its own category. Currently it’s buried and isn’t actually live (on a 5 sec delay). Most of the time, when going into this option and waiting it doesn’t even update for me. As mention in my other post, being able to click on a device in this screen and set it to priority as others have stated as well is recommended. 

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