Eero automatically blocking access to needed web sites and services

I have a repeating problem with my Eero network. There are, at times, websites or outside web services that I need to access, but Eero blocks them.

This is WITHOUT me running Eero secure or any other blocks on my end. Eero simply chooses not to allow access.  I'm sorry, but this is total B.S.

Eero should not have a say in any outside sites I access. None. Not unless I ask for the block.

And no, this is not to access porn or some other crud; today, the current problem is my new Chamberlain/LiftMaster MyQ account server (my garage door opener and garage smart camera). I can connect just fine with LTE data. I can also connect using my back up wifi router when I plug it in to the same cable modem.  But when I try to connect through my Eero wifi, I cannot reach the server.  It's blocked.  This is unacceptable.

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  • I too have a site www.schedulesdirect.org that I need access to. When I try normally my browsers will time out and I get a message about the site not being able to be reached. I worked with support but did not get any solution. I too connected direct to the modem bypassing the eero router and all works perfectly, so it is not with my antivirus or anything else. I did find that a work around was to turn on my Norton 360 VPN which I normally leave off. Once that is turned on and I am using the VPN then I can access the site every time. I will try working with support some more and see if we can figure out what setting is keeping me from accessing my cable TV guide listing site.

  • Anybody find a resolution to this? I’ve worked with support too but they all act like they’re befuddled. I find that all cannabis sites are blocked, even when I have all secure turned off. Anybody got a list of manufacturers that aren’t trying to enforce their so-called morality? I need to know before I switch vendors.

  • Enable the guest network, connect to it and see if you can access the website in question. The guest network bypasses all the eero security features or so I have read.

  • Wow, that worked. Curious, wouldn’t you want more security on your guest network than your home network? Regardless, what do I need to turn off on my main network to get it to work like this? I have all content filters turned off now.

  • Can't Connect to socialclub.rockstargames.com [] .A bit off topic, not real fond of the Eero Android app. at least v6.2.1-23, don't know what /when it changed, I didn't use it (other than initial set up w/ MetroNet) I don't have a discovery screen with Allow / block options just an Amazon link button [added reluctantly] and Eero Labs [Beta] with 4 buttons greyed out - I did try 'optimize for conferencing and gaming' -no effect for my problem. I can't seem to access router through, PC \ Chrome. -to see (change?) settings etc. I've been on the phone with MetroNet (twice 40min+ per) My networking knowledge is limited, But did the obvious reset/unplug etc changed the DNS to google ( etc etc Was working fine until MetroNet (Eero??) did a 2am-5am Maintenance window -doing unspecified. When using T-Mobile hotspot (RedDead/ GTA) works fine.(Slower and capped at about 15G /mth) ...Prime, YouTube, SamsungTV etc.not affected negatively by maintenance window.

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