Looking forward to when Eero reaches the UK/Europe in the meantime…

I see that the Eero includes Bluetooth although at this point I could not see what it is used for. However as someone who has previously used Cisco Meraki APs I thought I would mention a possible use for Bluetooth in your Eero APs.

Cisco allow the Bluetooth transmitter to operate as a standard Bluetooth beacon aka iBeacon so that mobile devices like an iPhone can be triggered or trigger actions. For example in an office situation you could have your laptop automatically reconfigured via JAMF Casper Suite to use the nearest printer on your floor.

So it would be nice for Eero to offer a similar capability.

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    Hey  jelockwood

    Thanks for writing in and for your feedback! I am happy to share this with our team, as well as looking forward to others sharing their thoughts on this matter.

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    Hi. I am new to community. I live in Europe and will be travelling to the US. Can the Eero bought in the US be used in Europe? That would require that the bands are compatible and voltage. Obviously there are guarantee and support issues, but that is another story. Thanks.

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    As per my previous reply here Re: When will eero be available in Europe? whilst it maybe technically possible to acquire Eero units and use them in Europe it would be illegal to do so in their current form. This is because nothing in their current form as far as I can tell ensures you are only using legal WiFi bands.

    As a result you could in theory be found by your local equivalent of the US FCC - in the UK this is OfCom and prosecuted.

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    If you are just learning about Bluetooth, you should know that there are a number of benefits to using Bluetooth enabled devices and investing in a Bluetooth transmitter for devices without built-in Bluetooth technology.A Bluetooth transmitter is capable of communicating with many devices, but it depends on the model and capability of the device you buy.

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