When will eero be available in Europe?

Is there any news about when eero will go on sale in Europe? Many people I know would buy it immediately if only we could buy it over here.

Please let me know.

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  • Hi  MacHTurbo —

    Thanks for reaching out and for your interest in eero! At this time, eero isn't approved for use outside of the U.S. While we hope to bring our mesh network solution to regions outside of the U.S., there isn't an exact timeline to share at this time.

    To stay in the loop, we suggest visiting eero.com and signing up for our updates at the bottom of the page!

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  • @ MacHTurbo +1

     I would rather buy eero (and not Orbi, RT-AC5300, google wifi,...)  if only I could here in EU :(


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  • Imaq 

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  • There is one seller on Amazon that ships to Europe. So you could use that one. Don't forget extra taxes that might be charged and you need some adapters for your specific walplug. I can tell you that everything works flawlessly here in the Netherlands. One installation I did was with 6 eero's which was completely working in less than 2 hours!!

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  • MacHTurbo  thanks for this  information, I am travelling to US and looking to buy it from there and bring to the UK. I have read that the power adapter are only rated at 120V ? is this true if so did you replace them . Secondly eero team also say that you need a US phone number as part of the registration for the app. Is this obligatory?

    Would really appreciate your support.



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  • chico99@live.com  Power supply is universal (will work at 220V also) no need to replace. Phone number is a funny bit, because if you fill in a correct US phone number that is NOT a mobile number it can not use it but will immediately suggest to use your e-mail address instead... Why not offer this choice to begin with???

    Apart from this, very silly part, Eero is the best Home Wifi system money can buy!!! 

    Greetings, MacHTurbo

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  • Strictly speaking i.e. according to legal requirements, WiFi products have to restrict use to a different set of channels i.e. frequencies in Europe and even different between some countries within Europe. This relates to historical use of certain frequencies by various countries military forces. Whilst I do not believe the following article gives an absolutely complete picture see - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_WLAN_channels

    Due to the above whilst it is in theory possible to buy a current US version Eero and apparently it has a universal voltage PSU meaning just a plug adapter would be needed, the current product would be technically illegal to use.

    Hence the importance for Eero to get their proverbial finger out and produce real genuine international versions.

    Note: In reality I suspect the hardware will be 100% identical it would merely be a matter of the firmware locking down the available frequencies to match a specific territory.

    As a comparison the Apple AirPort Extreme has/had a drop-down menu allowing you to specify what country you were located in. However the European version of the Airport Extreme still did not allow choosing a US setting and presumably vice versa was also true.

    I am sure there are plenty of generic i.e. cheap WiFi products which do not obey this but then they are strictly speaking illegal and whatever government body is responsible could prosecute you, fine you and confiscate offending equipment.

    So yes please I also want to see a European version and would not accept the current US version even with a proper UK/European plug included. Obviously any other more cosmetic localisation issues like phone number formats should also be addressed.

    I have previously implemented a Cisco Meraki based solution and also a Rukus solution. These days with the still unavailability of Eero I might look at Ubiquity as well. As far as I am aware all three have proper legal European versions - certainly all three are officially sold in Europe.

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  • Please please please start selling to Europe! As other companies are rolling out the mesh wifi routers, they will get a market lead outside US if just stay there. 

    I want better manual DHCP/IP controls than what Google Wifi offers, but can't get my hands on Eero :(.

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  • I suppose we can 'thank' Eero for the continuing lack of a European version because we can now go straight to the new v2 - assuming that will eventually become available in a European form.

    It looks like however even the v2 will still lack PoE support. :(

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      • JA
      • aqua_wave
      • 7 mths ago
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      The lack of eero in the UK is really disappointing.  I'm in dire need of something to take place of my BT Home Hub ( or at least the wifi handling ), and would really like to pick up eero ( Plus would be an awesome addition, too ).  Google Wifi looks OK, but speedwise, doesn't appear to compare, leaving Orbi, which I'm loath to touch as I haven't had good experience with Netgear wifi throughput.

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  • Just bought in the USA with amazing results in France.

    3 x adaptator required costs 0,75€ as it a 100-220V solution.

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    • Pphilippe great to know, I have had mine bought over to the UK  in March and it's been fantastic. Easy setup and works a treat. Great coverage around the house, I have put my Virgin hub on modem mode and route all traffic through the Eero. I have actually been in touch with support once on something really minor and they checked the logs and replied back. There were no questions on location etc. I would recommend that anyone who has the chance to get one shipped should try it out. 

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      • E101
      • E101
      • 4 mths ago
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      chico99@live.com  that's great to hear I am thinking of shipping one to the UK. Did you have any issues with UK devices and the available frequencies for the US version of Eero?

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    • E101 I had no issues with UK setup frequencies or anything else. It worked seemlessly! All my devices recognise it, I cannot tell the difference between frequency and US vs UK, I am sure it exists but for all my devices and setup etc no issues at all. Some would argue about strength of signal needing to limited in UK /EU vs US... I have not had anyone knocking on my door :) 

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      • @fabrice
      • fabrice
      • yesterday
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      Pphilippe thanks for the information.

      What kind of adaptator did you buy ?

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  • Tested in France Germany Uk and Cyprus.

    Works fantastic!

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  • I was thinking about buying one in the USA and bring it back home to the Netherlands. But would rather see Eero release a European version.

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      • Pphilippe
      • Pphilippe
      • 2 mths ago
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      awrk everything has been said above

      get it from the US and use it, just works fine

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