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Hey guys a nice update on specific device bandwidth  usage and thanks to the team for bringing us a step closer towards QoS with the 1.5.1 app update.    This will definitely be useful and from a new feature request would love to see either via the app or a web portal the ability to cap total usage or bandwidth. My idea would be to either completely stop the device or  once threashold is hit then downgrade service. 

Additionally have the ability for notifications either via push back through the app or email alerts with reporting.  What do you think?  Anyone else interested in something like this?

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  • I'm assuming this is only on normal eero mode where it's acting as the gateway device?  My setup is bridge mode due to the  fact I need certain static route and ddns features. 



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  • All my devices are showing as idle when I know this not to be the case.

    Does it take time to update within the app?

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  • Edit - 2 hours later and now it's working!

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  • I still only show Idle and I have 3 streaming sources running at this time. App installed about 3 1/2 hours ago now. I'm not running in bridge mode..

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  • Thanks for posting this topic,  Skeeter 😀

    I'm happy to hear the issue resolved itself for you,  lgreenberg .

    As for your question, Dixit — this feature is not available in bridge mode. I'm happy to share the feedback with our team.

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  • Hi rockinray

    Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear your devices are showing as idle. We should definitely take a look.

    If you haven't yet, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-659-2347 or email us at support@eero.com. We'll be happy to take a look.

    Also, note that this feature only measures bandwidth over WAN. For example, if you have media content on a local network device, these numbers won't be reported in the app.

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  • Jeff C. 

    Thanks! I logged a ticket with support.

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  • My app also shows "Idle" for the vast majority of my devices; a couple of them do show activity.  This is clearly wrong in my case because three of my devices are nestcams which are continuously streaming videos (and I've checked that there is motion in the videos :-)).  I'm not in bridge mode.

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  • diwan I have 10 Nest Cams and they all show idle.  Same situation as you.

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  • jkingsle  diwan --

    If you haven't yet, please contact support. We'd be happy to take a look into what is going on. 

    You can open a ticket by sending an email to support@eero.com .


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  • Got this response:

    At the moment this feature is very new and the way it is reflecting the data use on devices is often under-reported. Our engineers are looking into ways to make the data more accurate as well as more intuitive for different kinds of devices

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  • Sorry for any confusion, diwan .

    That actually isn't the case -- data usage isn't considered to be under reported. We are of course looking into reported issues.

    I think what they meant to say is that it's potentially not showing any usage because the cams are using lower bandwidth numbers so they are considered as idle.

    Our team will continue to look into what you have reported. Are your other devices showing activity when in use?

    I should clarify that even when a device is online and connected, it may not be actively using bandwidth. Also, some services, such as content streaming, may appear idle at times as content isn't being downloaded the entire time. Instead, these come in waves, and you will see the usage numbers fluctuate as content is downloaded. 

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  • Jeff

    Thanks for the response.

    I've opened the eero app on my phone and watched the bandwidth usage of one of my my nest cam while I was actively waving my hand in front of it.  The eero app showed it as idle.  

    On observing the bandwidth on the app while doing a speed test on my computer, it seems that the data that the app shows is an average over a very short recent window.  It would be good if one could see some history which would actually help in debugging network issues. Ideally I'd like to see a bandwidth usage graph over the last hour (at least).

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  • I'll relay that back to the team as they look into the reported issue.

    Also, thanks for the suggestion! You may be interested in following this feature request:




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  • I agree, this feature should be available in bridge mode as well.  Historical information for each device would also be extremely helpful.

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