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Usage Limiting - It would be helpful to control how much of the available bandwidth (up or down) a single device can consume.  I've had problematic device consume all available bandwidth in the past and it will help prevent this, especially upload, since if no other device can send a request it appears as if the the connection is down since no request is able to go out.

Usage Report - this would help identify devices that may be consuming network resources and determine if corrective actions need to be taken.  Or this report could show how much (in MB/GB) a given device has used in a specified time period.

Great product, I love it.  Also, thanks for providing a mechanism for us to suggest ideas, which more companies did this.

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  • Yes, I agree.  I'm switching out my Google OnHub with eeros in a second location.  One of the features I am going to miss is Google's usage graphs that showed the mb/gb usage that each devices used over quite a few periods.  It really was handy, and I'm hoping eero will add this too.  

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  • Thanks for sharing this idea with the community, ThatGuy 👍

    I'm excited to hear more about what others would like to see in a usage report. I think we all love data 😀

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  • This will sell so many of these. Here in australia adsl2 is still dominant and managing phones / iPad  and their upload is critical.  With phones and tablets Backing up the outbound gets choked and kills the download. The first to do this simply gets my money and I know allot of my friends and family. We all have the exact same problem 

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  • Jeff C.  In addition to seeing activity on devices, I hope that any additional stats will also show real time bandwidth consumption through the gateway node to the Internet.  I have a lot of streaming devices that occasionally buffer on the web page, but am unsure if the holdup is my view of the data in the browser or the actual data being sent to the cloud (download or upload).  Being able to see 1 second numerical updates of total in/out gateway usage would be very helpful.  As others suggested, real time charts that shows usage, akin to what you see with istat, would be awesome.

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  • Jeff C. Similar to what others have expressed, I see my internet usage numbers according to Comcast and they are claiming my consumption (both upload and download) has more than doubled recently. I'm hard pressed to understand how I have moved from 200 or so GB/Month to well over 400 GB/Month.

    eero's real time feature is nice but doesn't have much practical use beyond catching a device "in the act" for troubleshooting purposes. To really understand which of my devices is consuming my broadband needs usage over time. 

    I know the eero product is not at all geared toward people who are interested in such stats but believe me, with the questionable behavior of the Comcasts of this world, even Joe Average will find these kinds of monitors to be extremely useful in either countering the provider claims when they begin assessing overage fees or tracking down the culprit when they really are consuming that much data (up and down).

    As always, Thank You for an extraordinarily robust and useful product!

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  • Jeff C. Thank you for providing more frequent bandwidth usage stats for each connected device in the new IOS 1.5.2 app, and also separating up from down usage.  The overall connected devices page appears to update all devices in 3 second intervals in Mbps, and the individual page seems to update at maybe 5 sec intervals and steps down the scale to as low as Kbps.  This is much more useful for troubleshooting devices, and I am glad to see the effort made to improve the product.

    One thing I would like to say is that I question whether the reported bandwidth usage is correct.  From my testing, It appears to be systematically underreporting usage.  When doing speed tests on google, I see 110 down and 10 up consistently, and each test lasts for 10 seconds.  Meanwhile, I monitor the usage with 3 sec updates on my Mac's iStat app in the menu bar, and it corresponds very well with the real time stats in the browser window. 

    But at the same instants, eero tends to report well under, such as 20-70 Mbps down, and then about 2-7.0 up.  This behavior is consistent across a number of separate tests.  For a 10 sec burst, I would think there should be at least two (3 sec) updates where the full usage should be reported, but that never happens, so it almost appears like some of the data is missing from each averaging computation.

    Outside of bursts of speed testing, the same under-reporting is evident when streaming videos. Observing over a period of minutes, each update on eero is consistently lower than the iStat report by about 20-50%.

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  • Hi marcdcmb

    Welcome to the eero community! Thanks for your feedback and for sharing your interest in this feature.

    The recent release of realtime bandwidth in the app is our first experience built around network usage details. We've been excited about the initial reception, and we look forward to seeing what other types of similar features customers may want.

    Overall consumption is something we've heard here before, and I'll be happy to pass along your feedback to the team.

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  • epo

    Thanks for checking in and glad to hear you are enjoying the new bandwidth features.

    We haven't heard any issues with the reported usage in the app. If you haven't yet, please open a ticket with our support team so they can take a look into what you have been experiencing.

    You can send an email to support@eero.com and refer to this thread. They'd be happy to take a look into what is going on.

    Thanks again!

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  • This is a great feature request.  A few months ago, we went over our monthly bandwidth limit for our cable company so they suggested we move up to the next tier; we'd get more bandwidth and a higher allowance.  What we learned it streaming services like Hulu, Amazon, WWE, etc. do not allow you to select the quality of your stream.  They use as much is available at the time.  If we could limit how much our smart TV or Roku can use, the services would use less bandwidth.

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  • I would absolutely love this. I'm trying to download a bunch of my photos from iCloud, and Apple doesn't have a great way to see how many photos are downloaded. As a sanity check, I'd love to be able to see how much download traffic has gone into my iPhone in the last 24 hours on my network.

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  • I'm wondering if this is really still "under consideration" or if its DOA. It's been out here for a year with no news for 10 months. If its not something that is going to be decided on for another year I was wondering if anyone had any alternative suggestions to look for top talkers on the Eero network. As you can probably guess, I have some concerns regarding some strangeness I'm seeing on my new Eero network. I'll post questions on that separately.

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