Eero Plus - all devices or none?

I need to use my desktop computer for work, which sometimes means I need to bypass the Network Security for some of the tools we use.  Unfortunately, it seems that you can't tell Eero Plus to ignore certain devices.  There's not even the common "demilitarized zone" that many routers feature, which, bypass all firewall-like features...at your own risk, of course.

Is there any way to turn off Network Security or Ad Blocking per-device?  Will we ever at least have control over the blacklist so we can override overly-cautious filters?

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    cmenscher  —

    Thanks for reaching out and for the feedback.

    At this time, it isn't possible to set the ad blocker on a per-device basis. If you'd like to turn the ad block feature off when needed, you can do so, and it will only take a minute or so for the system to update and let any ads come through.

    In regards to adding support for website black/white lists, this is a feature we continue to have under consideration. For more, please see this topic.

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