Pre-purchase help on preventing unwanted connections.

The only thing preventing from purchasing a eero is the lack of MAC filtering. Before we talk about why MAC filtering isn't a security feature I'll tell you why I need it... I use MAC filtering to prevent unwanted devices who know my password from joining my network (e.g. My teenage kids giving the password to their friends, my wife setting up spy cams). I know MAC filtering won't stop a persistent actor but it will stop the unauthorized devices I mentioned in my example. So how can an eero help me prevent unauthorized devices who have my wifi password from connecting? I need a two factor of some sort... 

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  • I took the plunge and bought one anyway. If I cant figure out some kind of two factor before jumping on my WLAN I'll return this thing for a different brand.

  • Ibreakthingsonpurpose --

    Welcome to the eero community and thanks for your question!

    There isn't a way to create MAC address filtering. However, from within the eero app, you can monitor all connected devices on your network. If there is one you don't recognize, you can easily block that device from within the app ensure it can't continue to use your internet.


    I hope this helps!

  • is there any kind of alerting when a new device connects?

  • Not currently but there is an existing feature request thread here.

  • Ibreakthingsonpurpose --

    Glad Scott was able to get you a link to that feature request!

    While there isn't a current notification feature, as previously mentioned, in the eero app you can actively monitor all devices on your network. In the app you can see the number of devices actively connected and the device details. I've added a screenshot below.

    Another feature that may be of interest is the ability to create and manage a guest network that you can easily turn on or off in the app. If you'd like to restrict access to those who shouldn't always be on your network, you can utilize this feature as well.

  • Just singed up for this community myself to say I'm a fan of the product and thinking about getting it but only after a MAC AF whitelisting feature is added. I use this feature on my current router and appreciate an additional layer of security. Anyone who's implemented MAC whitelisting knows it's a legitimate way to keep people off the network. Still hackable? Eventually for someone who wants to social stalk you. To a passerby trying to get it on your network, how can it not be a deterrent?

  • Any status on this feature request?  Issues installing HP printer and I received this message.

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