Notifications for Devices Connecting/Disconnecting from Network

Please can the app have push notifications as an option for any device when it connects or disconnects. Great way to find out who is home!

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  • Yes, I would love to see this feature.  I get a lot of kids in the neighborhood try and connect to my wifi, and while unsuccessful, I can see their iPhone name appear in the mobile app.  I'd love to be able to get a APNS on my iPhone when they try.  I'd like for the eero app to support interactive notification so that I can swipe down and get one of two options (1) Block Device, (2) Ignore.  Load to see a Today Extension for the app that gives us a quick health check of my eero network at home.

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  • Hi zimisfit & zubinanary

    Not sure where my initial response went, but thanks (again) for this suggestion.

    We also have an existing topic for notifications, which you can follow here. I'll be sure to update you if there are any updates.

    Also, zubinanary , I noticed you mentioned blocking devices. In case you didn't see our recent announcement, you can block any unwanted devices (including the ones that attempt to connect) from within the app. More information can be found here.

  • Device notification would be nice.  I have a Ring Doorbell which loses its connection after an eero firmware update forcing me to pop a circuit breaker to power doorbell off/on in order to reconnect.  Losing this connection is important to know (I understand Ring can/should do the same, but eero can do it for all my devices or make is configurable to select a subset of devices).

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    This actually dovetails nicely with parental controls as well... If I could flag a specific device to notify me when the kids' iPhones leave the network, I'd be able to tell whether they're trying to bypass parental controls.

  • +1 please add this 

  • +2!  🙂

  • +1. I knew my daughter was home because I got notified when her phone connected for the first time. I’d like this every time for that device!

  • I would love to have this feature. My old router which was Plume for smartthings had this feature where you would set a primary device per person to when that person would leave and come come. 

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