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I have not yet purchased an Eero system yet; I am in the research stages deciding between Google Wifi, Orbi, Luma, Unify mesh, Amplifi, and Velop. 

I have seen many reviews and threads in forums in regards to Apple IOS devices failing to 'roam' between APs, or randomly dropping connections, or staying connected to the furthest AP rather than switching to the closest one. 

A couple years back I set up a $1000 Cisco Meraki AP for my home network. After countless issue with our iPhones and iPads not being able to connect, not seeing the SSIDs, and randomly dropping connections I switched back to my $100 Asus router, which has superior performance (for Apple devices) to the enterprise grade AP. I am looking for a modern WiFi solution to power all of our devices, including many Apple devices.

In any case, it seams Apple devices always have issues with WiFi, I am looking for a solid solution to this, I thought Eero was the winner until I started reading it also has the same issues with Apple. I have read that people have open cases with Eero regarding this, but it's still a known issue. 

At my office we have a ton of Enterprise Cisco APs, in which iPhones can seamlessly roam between without loosing a video call. Obviously at the price point of Eero we cannot expect enterprise grade features, but I am looking for some input if others are having this issue with their iPhones on Eero, and what support / development teams are doing to solve this issue? 

One other item of interest is outdoor WiFi coverage. With other mesh WiFi options on the market; outdoor weather resistant APs are offered. Does Eero have any intentions or future plans to offer the addition of outdoor APs to the mesh network? 

Thanks in advance. 

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    • rtlee
    • 5 yrs ago
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    Hello all! After nearly a year of finally having this issue resolved, starting about a month ago this issue has come back for me. Has anyone else been having this issue? I tried the basic things such as hard resetting the iPhone and Eero units (power cycle too), but the problem persists.

    Nothing has changed, other than more recent iOS updates. Eero equipment is the same and in the same location, and our iPhone 7 phones (running the latest iOS 12.1) are the same.

    The issue is as originally covered by many posters here, myself included. When I pick up my iPhone after it sits idle (screen off) for a while, it goes to LTE for something like 1-2 minutes. Then it reconnects to my wifi and stays connected just fine as long as I active use it. Then I put the phone down on my desk for 15 minutes. The next time I pick it up, and from the same spot so not even roaming, it is back to LTE and rinse/repeat.  This is exactly like the original issue covered by this entire thread. However I think one difference is that as I recall before, it would stay on LTE and you would have to turn wifi on/off to get it back. Whereas now it seems like it is able to recover on its own, but after 1-2 minutes.

    How can we troubleshoot this further? Thank you.

      • Drew
      • 5 yrs ago
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      Thanks for sharing your concerns here, rtlee – we're not aware of any issues specifically affecting iOS devices in our recent firmware updates, so it's possible this issue is unrelated to the issues you were previously seeing, even if the symptoms are similar; it may also be related to recent iOS updates, as some other users have indicated. 

      If you're interested in troubleshooting, I definitely encourage you to shoot us an email to support@eero.com so we can take a look at the network and go over things with you in detail! It may also be worthwhile to check with Apple support, or peruse their user forums to see if other Apple users are having this trouble on other router systems, and to see what workarounds those users may have found.

      We definitely appreciate you turning to the Community for help, and we hope to hear from you further so we can assist with this!

      Drew, eero Support

    • googlehome_or_eero
    • 5 yrs ago
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    Curious about this as well.

    I think it's time to replace my old Netgear network.

    I'm currently considering either Google Wifi mesh or the Eero mesh network. 

    What did you end up going with? Were you able to have 2 different wifi networks? 

    Some devices implement the guest network pretty poorly. I'm not sure about Eero. I read good things about Google Wifi, for some reason it's harder to find information about Eero

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