Using eero as a "receiver"

Can you use the ethernet ports on the eero to connect other devices that don't have Wi-Fi? In other words, can eero be used as a "Wi-Fi adapter" to allow other devices that don't have Wi-Fi connect to the Wi-Fi network?  The FAQs and other documentation does not make it clear. I know you attach the eero to a router or switch which then "transmits" Wi-Fi to other eeros, which then create the mesh network. But those eeros that are only on the mesh and not wired to the router, can they "convert" Wi-Fi back to ethernet so I can attach a network printer or Xbox? (see attached pic.)

Specifically, the solar panels need to connect to a wired LAN, but the solar company uses power line adapters and I'm constantly having to reset the adapters. So if I could plug the solar panel into the eero, I could eliminate the awful power line adapters.

(Also, I think this other post, the user has a similar setup, but I'm not sure that the people answering understand the setup.)


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  • Yes, this will work exactly how you're wanting it to. I have hardwired several devices to my eeros.

  • Hi  asatoran

    Thanks for writing in and for your question!

    You can definitely plug any wired devices into your eero, and if you use a switch, you can expand the number of ports to support more hardwired devices to your eero.

    The modem/router combo device you have, are you going to continue to use that as a router? If so, you will either need to double-NAT or bridge the eeros. For more, please see this article:


    Also, if you'll be double-NATing your eero to your network, you will need to put the eero between your modem/router and the switch.

    If you don't need to use the router functionality of your modem/router combo, we recommend putting your combo device into bridge more so it will only act as a modem. For more, see this article:


    I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

  • Jeff C. cMoo92 , Thanks both of you. Just to be absolutely certain I am understanding, you are saying that the ethernet ports on any eero will be bridged to the LAN? (both mesh and original wired LAN. Of course, excluding the "WAN" port on a NATed eero, of course.) That other than the "WAN" port of an NATed eero, all the ethernet ports on all the eero can be used as a giant 24-port switch? (Assuming I bought that many eero, of course. 😉)

    So in the following pics, where there are 3 eero in a mesh, I can print from the PC (connected to eero 2 ethernet port) to the network printer (connected to eero 3 ethernet port.) eero 2 & 3 in both pics are NOT the ones with the wired route to the modem.

    If these scenarios work, that is exactly the answer I am looking for.   Jeff C. , at the moment, we have kept the original router because we needed the additional ethernet ports. So the eero attached to the router is bridged. I would love to have the eero doing the NAT instead, but when I did this installation at a client's home, I found out that several vendors had added on many additional devices to the various bridged access points that I was unaware of. So eero, with only 2 ethernet ports, became a hassle in this instance and I had to spend several hours figuring out each vendor's setup and what I could move around. In particular, the client's solar panels are using a power line adapter for ethernet, which appears to be unreliable as the client seems to need to reset the power line adapters regularly. And the power line adapters don't like the RFI filters that the client has in most of their power strips. So if I can add one more eero to become a "receiver" for the solar panel, that will help simplify this client's setup.  (In other words, in the above pics, replace the network printer with the solar panel controller.)

    Otherwise, eero at this location has been great! The original construction is complex and unusual, as there's a lot of metal and reinforced concrete in the walls. So adding ethernet wires is extremely difficult and Wi-Fi with traditional access points has been disappointing. With eero I can build a mesh route through the stairwells. There are still a couple of weak spots so a few more eero may be needed in the future. (Currently have 6 at this location 😳) So this "receiver" solution would be a great news for this client.

    Thanks again!

  • asatoran yes, it will work exactly as you have laid out in your diagram. Printing will work fine as well. My personal setup is similar with various devices hard wired into my 3 eeros.

    eero 1: cable modem, computer 1

    eero 2: computer 2, computer 3

    eero 3: Phillips hue hub

  • Thank you very much! Have a great day! 😁

  • Thanks everyone 🙌

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