Wi Fi Calling, T-Mobile Drop Out

I just got the Eero yesterday.  I have no cell signal in my house so I rely entirely on Wi-Fi Calling.  I am a T-Mobile Customer.  When I walk through my house from one Node to another, my Wi-Fi calling drops out.  Is there a way to fix this?  If not, this will have to go back as it is a non-starter for me.  

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  • I've been working with Eero for months.  They can't seem to get it fixed.  Mine has been exponentially WORSE since the update which was pushed over the weekend.  

  • Hi, nick776

    Just wanted to take this time to shoot you a quick update and let you know that we'd be happy to continue undertaking troubleshooting with you to help get to the bottom of this issue. There's still some specific information we're looking to gather to improve our understanding of the problem, so please refer to my colleague's recent correspondence and reply if you'd like to continue working on the issue. 

    Additionally, one of our support managers has also sent an email followup just now, so I'd invite you to review that and reply at your convenience with any questions or concerns you may have. 

    We definitely acknowledge and understand the continued frustration you've seen, so we're more than happy to continue offering whatever help we can to get the eero working to your satisfaction. Thanks again for all your time and attention on this matter, and we hope you have a great day!

    Drew S., eero Social Support

  • Add me to the list with this issue. If I walk around my house my T-mobile wifi calls will drop.

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  • Just curious, are you using first generation or second generation Eero?

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      nick776 Second generation

  • Wanted to quickly through in my thoughts.

    At the beginning of las December we got 4 eero for our home. On Verizon Wifi calling seemed to work well enough as long as I wasn't walking around the house. If I walked around, the handoff from one node to the other would cause the call to end. As I work from my desk and am mostly stationary this wasn't a problem.

    In mid-January we switched all of our devices over to T-Mobile to try to save money. T-Mobile WiFi Calling either didn't work at all or when it did work the user on the other side sounded like a chipmunk.

    After a month and a half we ended up moving back to Verizon for sheer quality reasons. Since release 2.2 (I think?) wifi calling has been rock solid.

    Clearly not scientific, but it seemed to me that most of the "advanced" features that T-Mobile advertises first usually don't get implemented very well. I could stand on a handful of spots in Dallas and get over 200 down over LTE with them. If I moved I'd get back down to around 10-15.

    Hope that was useful. Good luck on getting it resolved either way.

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  • I just got the eero yesterday.  We have T-Mobile and experiencing the Wi-Fi call drops as well.  But, it also was dropping when leaving the house with Google Wifi and Linksys Velop.  Never noticed if it dropped between access points, but honestly never checked.  The eero, in short testing, only seems to drop when going between floors, so it may be just fine for us anyway.

    GWifi was OK, but no mesh in Bridge mode.

    Velop was terrible.  Their firmware updates caused horrible latency. 

    The eero has provided the best speeds I've seen yet, up to 325MBps from my Google Pixel.

    I have symmetric gigabit fiber, and the eero has to be in bridge mode.  So far, so good.  If you do figure out the dropped calls that will be a plus, but I suspect it is more likely on T-Mobile's end.

  • I too need to be added to this list -- experiencing the same dropped calls with T-Mobile and first generation eero. I have four eero modems, one hard-wired, and five iPhone 7s. Add to this the havoc wreaked upon my eero network when I installed a T-Mobile Personal CellSpot to improve cellular signal. Total disaster.

  • Bill Dailey Dklane012 While I’ve had T-Mobile issues with eero in the past and we’re solved and then reappeared. The current versions seem to be rock solid with my T-Mobile phones going between two gen one units in a 1500 square foot town house.  So I’d suggest making sure they are running latest updates.  

    Also the t-mobile hotspot that you run that’s wireless is just a disaster and never worked at least for me   I have seen an improvement running OS11 on iPhone 7 Plus as well with t-mobile   One last thought is make sure you go into setting general on your iPhones and type on carrier and make sure you are running the latest carrier update.  Finally every so often a network reset on the phone under setting can clear things up  

    Cheers! 😉

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