Wi Fi Calling, T-Mobile Drop Out

I just got the Eero yesterday.  I have no cell signal in my house so I rely entirely on Wi-Fi Calling.  I am a T-Mobile Customer.  When I walk through my house from one Node to another, my Wi-Fi calling drops out.  Is there a way to fix this?  If not, this will have to go back as it is a non-starter for me.  

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  • Hi  nick776

    Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you are having trouble with WiFi calling.

    We haven't heard any issues since the latest eeroOS update, 2.2.0. If you have already updated your network and are still having this issue, please give us a call at 1-877-659-2347 or email us at support@eero.com . Our team is happy to take a look into what is going on and help resolve this matter for you.

  • I'm in the exact same situation and I'm looking to buy eero to help resolve this issue.  I'd love to hear how this turned out.  Are you able to make calls and roam throughout the house?

  • JeyP

    Thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with calling on your eero network.

    If you haven't yet, please give us a call at 1-877-659-2347 or email us at support@eero.com. We're more than happy to work with you and get this matter taken care of.

  • Hi Jeff C.

    I actually don't have Eero as of yet.  I'm looking to buy it but the reason why is because I'm facing this exact issue with the WAP's I have now (Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-LR-3).  I don't want to buy this and have the exact same problem, that's why I was wondering if this case was resolved or not.

  • I STILL have this problem.  It drops when one Eero picks up after another as I roam through the house.  If I would have known this before I bought Eero, I would have never bought it.  My Linksys velop at my office does not have this problem--EVER.  If you depend on WiFi calling, Stay Away from Eero.  They can't seem to get it fixed insofar as T-Mobile wifi calling is concerned.  

  • nick776 --

    Thanks for checking back in. I'd really like to get this matter resolved for you. Unfortunately, I'm unable to find a ticket connected to your account here. Have you reached out to support? If not, please shoot us an email at support@eero.com .

    If you have reached out already, I'd be happy to look into the case. If you could email me at community@eero.com with the email connected to your eero account, I can take a look into the case.

    Also, would you be able to share your network topology? Is your gateway eero connected to a modem or modem/router combo? If the latter, does that device still have the router functionality on, and if so, is the network SSID and password the same as your eero network?

    Thanks again.

  • Jeff C. I have fiber to the home internet.  There is no modem whatsoever.  The fiber comes to my house in a box outside and ethernet runs from it to all my in-house outlets.  My problem only occurs when one Eero picks up after another.  I've done everything to troubleshoot, no success.

  • Not to hijack this thread nick776 but you and I have the same problem.  I was looking into Eero hoping that it would to help solve this issue of being able to move from one point in the house to another during a T-Mobile WiFi call and the call not disconnect when moving from one AP to the next.  Just out of curiosity what kind of phone do you have.  I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 & 5.  Both have the same issue. 

  • All iPhones here, various models.  I even went and got new SIM cards from T-Mobile for all the phones, problem is still there.  Wifi calling is rock solid until you start roaming from Eero to Eero, I am certain the handover is the issue.  It does not ALWAYS occur when you roam about, however.  I would say the drop occurs only around 25% to 35% of the time.  When it does occur, though, it takes forever for the phone to pickup wifi calling again.  It's almost as if the Eero doesn't want to re-establish a lock on the phone once it has been lost.  It's infuriating.  

  • This was occurring in our setup also.  Two basement offices with T-Mobile and not great reception so we were using wifi calling.  As we'd move upstairs (where there are two of the three eeros) the calls would drop for a few seconds then re-establish.  Not really great on a work call.   Did some "internet research" and found this to be a fairly common issue with wifi calling.  We solved it by having T-Mobile send us a 4G LTE Cell Spot (no charge) that connects to our LAN in the basement.  Then we turned off wifi calling, because the cell signal was crystal clear.  Haven't had a single dropped call since making this change.

  • The problem with the cell spot is that it is non-secure.  There is no way to lock it, as anyone driving by your house can hop on.  If Eero works as it should, this shouldn't be a problem.  As I said, it DOES NOT happen with my Linksys Velop.  If I could go back, I would certainly get my money back on the Eero and get a second Velop.

  • Hi  nick776

    Sorry to hear the issue is continuing. As mentioned, our team would be happy to help and provide any best practices to get this issue resolved for you.

    As for the comparison, while I can't speak for the other product you mentioned, it should be noted that roaming can't be an issue when you are only using one access point. Since your client device won't be trying to switch between different access points, there isn't any way for it to roam. For that reason, it is somewhat difficult to compare your experience with a complete eero system while using only one of the other product.

    Nonetheless, we want to get this matter resolved for you. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

  • Jeff C. That simply is not true, I'm not using ONE of the other product.  I have the Velop 3 pack (which has 3 nodes just like my Eero system).  


    As I sit here and type this, my cell phone does not have a connection to the T-Mobile Wifi calling system (although it does have WiFi connected to my nearest Eero).  I have also attempted to contact Eero support on three separate occasions--I gave up each time after being on hold for so long that I just grew fed up.  Simply put, at $400.00 these things should work for something as simple as wifi calling when handing off from one node to another.  I'd be glad to contact support if they can answer the phone in a timely manner.  

  • nick776 --

    I apologize for the misunderstanding. I was going off of the point you made about buying a second unit.

    As for the wait times, I'm sorry to hear this. That isn't usually the case and calls usually are answered pretty quickly. If you'd like, I can have a member of our team email you and work with you to find a good time to setup a call. Please let me know if you'd be interested in doing so.

  • Jeff C. I would love that, do you have my email address on your end?  Thank you so much.  As an aside, I've been through all the troubleshooting with T Mobile that is possible.  It's the roaming from Eero to Eero that is the problem.  Something in the handoff is messing up.

  • nick776 --

    Great! I'll reach out to our team to coordinate something. 

    And yep, I have an email here that works. Thanks, again! We look forward to getting this taken care of.

  • Jeff C. Thank you, the telephone number associated with this account is the one my Eero is registered under.  

  • New to eero (got my 3-pack yesterday) and I am impressed with how well it works. I was able to do the static WAN IP setup and port forwarding. In regard to the Linksys Velop on Wifi calling, I can tell you that many others on the Velop community forum complain about dropped data and Wifi calls. So although it may be working for you its not the case for everyone.

    I hope eero support can rectify this for you. Because of my home location I do not require Wifi calling with some many AT&T wireless towers around me.

  • Hey  nick776 .  Keep us informed on if your issue get resolved.  That would be awesome to hear.

  • Problem is still there, no change one way or another.  Tech support is investing now, though.  I have been through all troubleshooting issues imaginable, but the problem remains.  

  • Just a follow-up.  This issue remains unchanged.  Customer support can't fix it, and they won't replace my hardware.  I even asked them to give me the "newer" model Eero that was just unveiled and they will not do so.  Stay FAR AWAY from this product if you rely on WiFi calling.  I do not feel at all that Customer Support has done anything of substance to remedy my problem.  My issue has been open with them for months, the only response I've gotten lately is (basically) we don't know how to fix it.

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  • nick776  I have had the same experience with eero support. I have had several cases over the past year that were open for months. While eero support is certainly better than your average consumer support however if the problem is not a configuration issue they aren't very helpful.

    I had one ticket with their escalation support for months trying to get an iOS roaming issue resolved where in the process of roaming from one eero to another eero it would get confused and it would cause the client (iOS device) to send tons of DNS requests and have no data throughput even though you are still connected to wifi the whole time.

    I spent countless hours with escalation support really trying to push them to work with engineering to get to the bottom of the issue. I never got as much as an admission from engineering that they know it is a bug and are working on a fix.

    Thankfully due to the eero subreddit I was actually able to find out a little useful information about the problem at the time from an eero developer who posts there regularily. Even then the eero dev can't help out with your specific support cases but shares limited information on what they are working on fixing. 

    It was an extremely frustrating experience wasting so much time with support. I work full time as a computer engineer and as such I only ever need to contact support if it is a problem I can't resolve myself. All of the cases I have created needed firmware updates in order to fix bugs I kept on running into.

    Now I am totally disenchanted from working with eero support because of their lack of ability to properly engage engineering for bugs. Now every time I find issues with the product most of the time I don't waste my time contacting support. I work all day at work with enterprise vendors and I frankly don't have the time and energy to spend that kind of effort at home trying to get bugs fixed.

    I did report recent eero OS 3.1 roaming issue with iOS devices getting stuck on 2.4 Ghz but have not put much effort into it other than reporting via email to support that I am experiencing the issue. I know for eero subreddit the their mesh dev team is aware of the issue and working on it.

    While I love eero and what they stand for as a product. Their support definitely has some big support process gaps.

  • Problem has resurfaced for me with V3.1.1 and as of today my iPhone will not even communicate over the internet when connected to the eero Wifi network.  Very frustrating as this solution worked flawlessly until now.

  • Hi  Skeeter nephipower nick776 —

    Thank you all for reaching out, and we apologize for any recent frustrations you are experiencing with WiFi calling on your network.

    With regards to reporting bugs to engineering—our support team works directly with engineering to investigate any reported issues. However, as we have mentioned, WiFi calling issues isn't something we've seen, so that makes it more difficult to identify a solution as we can't replicate the issue. As nephipower mentioned, in the subreddit it was mentioned to request that we disable fast transition for your network. This may be able to help. We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding, as well as all the information you've provided to our team.

    We absolutely want to help, and we will do everything we can.

    Thanks again. 

    • Jeff C. 

      I am not having issues with wifi calling since I have good cell signal at home. However, my post was more to point out that despite working with 2nd level eero support for many months on a issue it never got any traction with engineering. I was told several times that they were going to discuss with engineering.

      However, despite me asking many times to have engineering at least confirm this is a known issue that confirmation never got back to me. As I previously mentioned I only got some info on the bug from eero dev on reddit.

      I 100% believe you that there are processes for support to engage engineering. However, my personal experience has been that the quality of that collaboration needs to improve a lot. If it wasn't for the eero dev I would have been left completely in the dark for 3 months.

      If you would like to discuss it more you can reach out to me. I would be happy to discuss things further to help you mature your processes.

  • Hey Guys,

    So I ended up getting the Eero's and for the most part it works perfectly.  I did notice this though...  I've got 5 eeros and I had an eero hardwired in my office and every single time I entered or left my office the calls would drop but if the eero was connected wirelessly to other eeros the calls would be fine.  I called support and they opened a ticket but I didn't get much of an answer as why the eero's behave like that when hardwired, but I ended up rearranging all the eero's so that they all connected wirelessly and things have been working much better.  Before I got the Eero's my WiFi calling was working about 50% of the time and would drop while moving around the house 100% of the time.  Now, I'll say my WiFi calling works 95% of the time and for the past month I haven't had any dropped calls.  

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