Is it worth upgrading to the Generation 2 Eero?

I just bought a Eero (1st Generation) 2-pack on clearance at Best Buy today on a clearance sale for $179, which i'm planning on replacing my two Airport Extremes with.  But as I got home, and started reading about the Eero, I find out that they are releasing the Eero Generation 2.

I'll be installing these in a 650-700 sqft apartment in NYC which requires two wifi routers because of a dead spot between the bedroom and the living room.  Generally we're really only streaming 1-3 devices at most, as it's just two people living here.  Our current Spectrum Internet Package is 100/20

My question would be...should i return these 1st generation Eero's and wait for the upgraded versions to come out, and spend twice the price, or will the first generation be fine with my rather small needs?  In other words, will I feel a difference between the 1st and 2nd generation in my environment?


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    Well if you live in a 650-700sqft apartment, and your internet is 100/20 then the 1st Generation Eero should work great for you, but personally I always like to have the latest and greatest, but you got a great deal on the 1st Gens! Hehe. 

    The 2nd generation are already out at Best Buy, I got mine a week ago. 

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    You’ll be just fine with the gen 1 eeros. I have 20+ devices on my existing gen 1 network, a 200/20 connection, and I’ve done streaming with 5 devices throughout the house with zero issues.

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    i had originally installed 4 gen 1 units in our church which is 2 wings connected by an interior hallway. With the gen 1 units I had some connection issues at one edge of the campus. Returned them for 2 gen 2 wired units and 2 of the smaller units (1 of each per wing). Definitely better than gen 1. 

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