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So I purchased a 3 pack of 1st gen eero devices a couple weeks ago from a reseller. For various reasons, I haven't set them up yet, nor can I return them. As you might imagine, I was both excited and a bit dismayed to see the announcement of new hardware today. Clearly, had I known, I would have waited a couple extra weeks to purchase. I totally understand you guys have no obligation to do anything like this (though some notable tech companies, like EVGA with their GPUs do) but I really think you ought to consider some sort of replacement or upgrade program for recent purchasers.

1) You guys are an awesome company, and one that has its customers in large part to thank for your success and this would be very customer friendly

2) You didn't just add 2nd gen hardware to the eero family--you effectively discontinued the 1st gen hardware by not selling it any longer (and with no warning.) I realize you'll continue supporting it for the time being...

3) There was really no warning or any way for customers to know this might be coming, and as you can imagine, it kind of stings.


Have you given any thought to something like this? Thanks for your consideration!  

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  • Not cool makes me concerned about upgrading at all. 

  • Thanks for the feedback. I'm happy to pass this along to the team.

    With that said, we don't have a trade-in or upgrade program. As we have done in the past, there may be promotional periods where eeros can be bought with a discounted coupon. We don't have any promotions to announce today, but if you are signed up for our emails or follow our social channels, you will definitely be kept in the loop as soon as any of these types of things happen.

    As we've mentioned in many other threads, the release of our 2nd generation hardware doesn't mean the end for our 1st generation. We designed the 2nd gen eeros to work with the 1st gen, so you can always mix-and-match your existing hardware with our new hardware. Also, you will continue to receive the same software updates that provide performance and security enhancements, as well as new features including our upcoming release of eero Plus.

  • To follow up on this, does the new hardware support the old one? Let's say I wanted to add a new Eero to my old setup, does it work?

  • Jeff C. Thanks for the reply, Jeff. It's appreciated.

  • Jeff C. Jeff, what this article doesn't state is how does mixing eeo 1 and eero 2 into your environment affect overall performance?  In other words I have this really new cool superfast tech, but I bring it into the mix with my old tech.  Does that then cause the new devices to operate slower because of the old ones?  Will a user have any noticeable clue as they are walking around house that I just went from an eero 1 to 2 or back?  Thanks

  • Skeeter Thanks for the feedback! We can definitely add some of these points to our existing and future materials.

    Before diving too much in, for those interested, we shed a bit more light on this over here.

    If you replace a 1st-generation eero with a 2nd-generation eero, you will only see better performance on your network. While, yes, you will get overall better performance from a network of just 2nd-gen hardware, in no way will the experience be worse by adding the new stuff to your existing network.

    As for whether or not guests will have a noticeable change in experience—that really depends on your environment. For one, eero Beacons are designed to be placed in more areas of your home where you maybe wouldn't have placed an eero before. This includes hallways, kitchens, and bedrooms. This can dramatically improve performance in these areas that maybe don't seem like the places we use our devices, but we absolutely do.

    Also, if you were to replace a 1st-gen eero with a 2nd-gen eero (not an eero Beacon) as your gateway or as an additional eero on your network, you will see improvements in performance, stability, and reduced interference due to the eero being tri-band and have many overall improvements to the internal build.

    I know we've said this over-and-over, but in no way do we want any customers feeling that this is the end of us supporting 1st-gen hardware or that they should have to update to the newer eeros. The 1st-gen eero is near and dear to our heart. It was a labor of love and ahead of its time in many ways! There are advantages, but our original product is still a great WiFi system, and we will continue to make sure it keeps getting better.

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