Feeling cheated....

For $399 I was expecting a complex setup. The whole process was anti-climactic, completed in less than 20 minutes. No calls to tech support, no frantic Googling, no need to throw on the tool-belt. Yawn. I was certain the 40+ devices on the network (IoT hell) should have sent the eero's into a tailspin. Nope. I was looking forward to troubleshooting stuttering hi-res music and HD movie streaming. No such luck. I did get to watch a firmware upgrade on the 3 eero's. For a moment there I thought that one of the upgrades had failed, nope, dang it! And the Rachio sprinkler controller that was banished to the WiFi dead spot that is the garage, is now sporting full bars... 

All I have left is to run Internet speed tests from the eero iPhone app (144 Mbps Down, what!), scroll through the connected devices list looking for issues (none) and mess with family members by randomly pausing their profiles.... using Alexa no less. I guess all is not lost.

Thanks eero, everything looks good.

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    • Jeff_C
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    The only appropriate way to respond to this is with a GIF that goes through my exact reaction:


    Happy to hear everything is working great for you,  wakajazz 😀

    We're happy you've found your way here and look forward to any feedback you may have!

    • jimfbk
    • 7 yrs ago
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    I feel cheated as well.  I used to "tinker" with my range extenders constantly, now I have nothing to do, and depression is setting in; I need a new hobby.

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