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I reported an issue to Eero customer support in early December regarding my  eero devices and my new FreeNAS system which I'm using jails where systems connected to the wireless network provided by my eero devices lose communications to the media server which I'm running on my FreeNAS system.  I have fairly extensively debugged the issue including using a secondary non-Eero wireless network (which shows no issues) and all empirical evidence points to an issue with the Eero network.

In the roughly five weeks I have had little communication from Eero customer support.  I received a message acknowledging my problem report and asking for details of my network on December 11th, to which I replied within a day.  A week after my reply, on December 19th, I received second message suggesting I continue to use my workaround of my secondary wireless network.  I've not heard from customer support since.  A week ago (January 12th) I sent a message to eero support expressing my disappointment in the lack of communication and asking for an update on Eero's position on the issue, to date I've received no reply.

The issue appears to be very specific to the combination of systems/technologies that I am using, however I am not the only person to experience something similar (see: https://forums.freenas.org/index.php?threads/jails-eero.59477/).  I utilize "jails" (containers running on my NAS which have their own IP on the network) for running my Plex media server and after a short time clients on the Eero wireless network will lose communication to the media server.  Clients on my secondary wireless test network (which is an older Apple Airport based network) and on the wired network do not suffer this communication loss. 

I have observed that ARP requests reach the container and the system reply however the reply but does not make it back through the Eero device to the client.  The ARP request will begin making it through again if I log in to the jail and ping the IP of the eero.  Again, this issue only occurs on clients connected via the eero provided network.  "arp -a" for instance on a Macbook Air client on the eero network will show "incomplete" instead of the MAC address of the jail while the issue is occurring; it will see the ARP reply as expected after I issue the ping from the jail and will work again until the ARP table clears. 

At this point I do not know what I should do, but continuing to run my secondary network is unacceptable as there are technology and coverage issues for which I invested in Eero to solve.  I'm struggling with the decision of whether to investigate other wireless mesh providers/solutions to replace the Eero.  

Does anyone in the community have any suggestions or ideas?

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  • I’m mentioning Jeff C. in this reply so he doesn’t miss it. He’s probably the best person on here to try and get you a response.

    You could also try posting on reddit.com/r/eero as there’s some customers on there with higher level of technical expertise that might have some ideas, plus one of the eero engineers is very active on there as well.

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  • hi, has there been any updates or progress on this? This is really a problem for me and will probably have to explore other options as it makes my FreeNAS completely unusable. I didn't imagine this would be an issue when I ventured down this route so it is a little disappointing :( Thanks

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  • I have a very similar setup, xFinity fiber and router, eero in bridge mode and a Freenas server with several jails.  None of the wireless clients can access the jails but can access the server directly.  I was able to get Window clients to access the jail by setting up a static route on the box using netsh similar to the following: netsh interface ipv4 add neighbors "Wi-Fi" 10.0.0.xx 00-24-01-d2-3a-bd

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