Broken Wi-Fi calling is a dealbreaker

Hey eero team — I am aware that you are working on a fix for broken Wi-Fi calling under eero 2.0.0. I'd just like to underline the point: For those of us with shoddy cell service, the eero's ability to properly handle Wi-Fi calls is essential to conducting business, staying in touch with family, and being safe in an emergency.

Eero 1.x did this very well. Eero 2.0.0 has broken Wi-Fi calling. I'm trying to stay patient. But this matter is almost literally life-and-death for some of your customers, and I'm so far not getting the sense from your support team that you understand this.

At the very least, please let your customers in this situation downgrade to 1.x software while you figure out what went wrong with 2.0.0. So far, I've been told you aren't doing that. Why? Because it's troublesome? It's hard to believe that's more of a bother for you than you've created for your customers. Please make this right.

- Z

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  • Hi  CLalib

    It looks like our support team reached back out to you on December 31st but we never heard back. We just sent a follow-up, so please check your inbox for an email from support@eero.com.

    These reports of WiFi calling issues is something we are taking very seriously, and our team is continuing to investigate into what is going on. However, it is important that while taking the steps to finding a solution, nothing else is affected as a result.

    While we apologize for the amount of updates that have been provided as we've been investigating this issue, this is absolutely something our team is looking into and actively working to resolve as quickly as possible. As soon as we have more to update, this thread will be the first place we share that news.

    We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding.

    Thank you.

  • Jeff C. Thank you Jeff. I just received the follow up by email this morning. I appreciate your taking action on this. As much as it may not seem like it, I am actually a big Eero supporter and I sincerely appreciate your support. 

  • I don't make a lot of phone calls from home, so have not experienced dropped calls on my T-Mobile iPhone w/ wifi calling enabled. I have noticed significant delays in voicemails coming through as well as occasional iMessage delays. Could this be related to the wifi calling issue?

  • seannymurrs —

    That doesn't sound like it would be related. Have you attempted to send an iMessage with your WiFi toggled off? A lot of this can have to do with who you are sending an iMessage to, as it can delay being sent if they potentially have bad or no reception.

  • Jeff C. It last happened this morning when my wife sent an iMessage to me. We were sitting next to each other at the time, and both of us were connected to our eero network. Her phone said the message was delivered, but I hadn't received anything yet. It could be a coincidence, but I turned off wifi and the message came through a few moments later. Same thing with delayed voicemails. Could be a coincidence, but they seem to come through when I turn off wifi. It's hard though because we get next to no cellular service at home, so sometimes turning off wifi just leaves me with "no service". 

  • Thanks for clarifying, seannymurrs .

    It still doesn't sound like something that would be related to the specific issue reported here. I would recommend bringing this up to our support team in your current outreach to see if they have anything they can look into. 

  • Im going to comment in slightly because the subject and what the comments are seem to be all over the place (again not saying it isn't true).  As mentioned previously for me, I have ATT and have an iPhone 7plus.  I also have 5 eeros.  Wifi calling works for me just fine as long as I don't move around.  My home office is in my basement, so don't get much signal, so phone auto kicks into wifi calling mode, when on it, its fine, Im on 4-5hrs of conference calls a day.  If I stay here at my desk (which is near the gateway eero) its fine.  If I decide to walk upstairs to get a cup of coffee while on the call, then I have some issues.  What happens is the call basically goes blank, and takes anywhere from 5-10secs to sort of reconnect/hear the caller.  I know it has to do with the switching from AP to AP (I know eero supports 802.11r), but don't know if the algorithm from Apple or ATT (not sure who to blame here) is the problem, because when it does that switch, I notice it moved from wifi calling back to LTE, so you have that silence as it moves the call back to the cellular side.  Then the same if I decide to walk back down.    So there is definitely issues when the handoff occurs, but I don't really get the call dropping entirely.



  • I will add that I also use Skype for business - while walking around the house on wifi using the app's VOIP calling feature I lost the connection when changing floors (and moving to a new eero). I've never experienced this before, but I usually stay in my office while speaking to work contacts. So not wifi calling, per se, but another instance of dropping a call when switching from one eero to another.

    I just noticed the comment above me, when I looked down at my phone it said LTE, so I also lost wifi for a moment. I completely lost the connection to my client, vs a delay/silence and then reconnect.

  • johnnyflet There's a thread on reddit that talks about a similar issue as this. It seems like when the device is switching bands (2.4Ghz, 5Ghz) on the same node it will cause it to momentarily disconnect. I notice this quite a bit on my iOS devices. I also notice a momentary disconnection when I'm assuming, based on my location, that I'm switching between nodes. It's definitely an inconvenience, and something I hope is fixed in an update.

  • Jeff - I have opened a ticket on the dropped Wifi calling issue, but customer support indicates there is no timetable for a resolution. In addition, my ticket was put on hold so it would remain the system. Seems odd that ticket with an open issue is put on hold. What is the timetable for a resolution. Seems like the issue has been out there 30+ days. I don't want to switch off eero to another platform, but it this does not get resolved I will have to. Thanks for any updates you can pass along.

  • Hi  BFR

    Thanks for writing in and I'm sorry to hear that your experience has been affected by this issue. It looks like our team has followed up with you, so thanks for your ongoing patience and understanding. We apologize for any misunderstanding there was with the ticket being put on hold.

    As mentioned above, reported issues with WiFi calling is something we are taking very seriously, and our team is continuing to investigate into what is going on. However, it is important that while taking the steps to finding a solution, nothing else is affected as a result.

    Thanks again.

  • I run a remote VoIP server (Asterisk) at another location, and when I make calls using this server using a soft phone client on my iPhone which is connected to my eero network, I frequently experience dropped calls. This never happened prior to switching from Apple Airport to eero. I believe this to be related to the issue in this thread. Just wanted to add a data point that, like the Skype for Business example above, may indicate that the scope of this issue is not limited to the carriers' specific implementations of wifi calling.

  • Hi rcrcr --

    Thanks for chiming in. If you haven't yet, please contact our support team so they can take a look and provide any necessary troubleshooting for this issue you are experiencing.

    We look forward to helping you with this matter.

  • iPhone SE and iPhone 6s both consistently connect at 5 GHz. It appears that the drops only happen when switching between Eero nodes (main hub downstairs, one is upstairs via Ethernet cable, and one upstairs via wireless.) I only adopted Eero after firmware 2.x, however without a doubt we NEVER dropped calls on our previous wi-fi infrastructure.

    Anxiously awaiting to learn I didn't make a mistake with Eero!

  • gffounder I'm on their beta, it works great with wifi calling. Not sure why they aren't releasing it but I'm sure it'll be here soon.  You can ask to be upgraded in the meantime. 

  • Wish I could get on their beta release. I have 5 hardwired Eeros and basically work out of my house and constantly on the phone and walking around the house. 

    I've beta tested a lot of other products. Like iOS. I'm on the 10.3 and still have the issue (was hoping IOS 10.3 would help fix some of it as some blame the iOS 10 as well). 

  • johnnyflet Thanks for the heads-up. I'll definitely ask.

  • johnnyflet Jeff C.  Are you saying that it is possible to request to be updated to the beta even if not officially in the beta test program? Jeff, is that true? If so, I'd like to request to be updated in order to see if it solves my issues.

  • seannymurrs I think you'd need to call to request that. 

  • Jeff C. Just checking in how are you guys making out with fixing the WiFi calling with erro?  This used to work great, and then I want to say the 2.0 Firmware screwed this up specifically with iPhone 7 and iOS 10.  I did speak with support about 30 days ago or so and they confirmed it's a known issue, and ETA on when this will be addressed?

  • Skeeter Today we released eeroOS 2.2.0, which addresses the WiFi calling issue. You can manually push this update to your eeros via the app by opening the app menu, tapping Network Settings, and tapping Update available under the Network software section. I'll also be posting a "sticky" update to this thread, so everyone is aware.


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  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your patience and understanding as our team has been working on reported issues with WiFi calling.

    Our most recent update to the eeroOS, version 2.2.0, is now available and helps address these reported issues.

    This update will be automatically pushed to networks on a rolling basis. However, if you'd like to update your network now, you can initiate an update by taking these steps:

    1. Open the eero app
    2. Tap the menu option
    3. Tap Network Settings
    4. Tap Update available (found in the Network software section)

    Please note that updating your software will take your network offline for a few minutes.

    If your experience any similar issues after this update, please contact eero support by phone at 1-877-659-2347 or email us at support@eero.com.

  • Jeff C.  I'm not currently seeing an update available.  Is it being pushed out in waves?

  • I see that a member of our team is helping you out here,  lgreenberg — we'll make sure you get updated!

  • Jeff C. Thanks!  You guys are truly the best. 😁

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