Broken Wi-Fi calling is a dealbreaker

Hey eero team — I am aware that you are working on a fix for broken Wi-Fi calling under eero 2.0.0. I'd just like to underline the point: For those of us with shoddy cell service, the eero's ability to properly handle Wi-Fi calls is essential to conducting business, staying in touch with family, and being safe in an emergency.

Eero 1.x did this very well. Eero 2.0.0 has broken Wi-Fi calling. I'm trying to stay patient. But this matter is almost literally life-and-death for some of your customers, and I'm so far not getting the sense from your support team that you understand this.

At the very least, please let your customers in this situation downgrade to 1.x software while you figure out what went wrong with 2.0.0. So far, I've been told you aren't doing that. Why? Because it's troublesome? It's hard to believe that's more of a bother for you than you've created for your customers. Please make this right.

- Z

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  • CLalib I did NOT, repeat NOT, say it was Apple's fault. I said I was working with them to try and help troubleshoot the problem. Please do NOT put words in my mouth that I did NOT say. 


    Apple DID say that part of the problem was caused BY THE CELL PHONE CARRIERS.  

  • BinaryWeapon data packets go back and forth between your phone and whoever your talking to via the internet to your carrier's network and then on to whoever your talking to (simplistically speaking).  DNS is needed to make help make sure you stay connected and that those data packets (your voice is carried via those data packets) reach whoever it is you're taking to. If the DNS goes down, that can cause your phone call to drop.   Comcast's DNS service, for example, is great at screwing up wifi calls, regardless of phone model or cell carrier, which is part of the reason I use OpenDNS. 

  • Apple is trying to see if there is anything occurring that is identical in the different internet service providers networks, their DNS servers/setups, modems, routers (ISP-provided and consumer owned like Eero), third party apps, etc. Quality of service settings on the router may also make a difference. 

    The FCC doesn't require that all routers or cable modems support wifi calling, but it does recommend voice be given highest priority in Quality of Service settings for both. 

  • Hi everyone -- 

    If you are experiencing any issues with WiFi calling on your eero network, we ask that you open a ticket as soon as possible with our support team. You can get started by emailing support@eero.com.

    This isn't something that affects all networks, so we definitely want to get to the bottom of what you are experiencing.

    While we are happy to see an active discussion going on where others are trying to help, we truly can't resolve this matter for you unless we have a ticket for your specific use case that our team can start looking into.

    Thanks again for everyone's patience and understanding.

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  • CLalib we have two iPhone 7's here at home with AT&T, and I am using Comcast as my ISP and OpenDNS for my DNS settings. With the iPhones in Airplane Mode and wifi turned on, and with Airplane Mode turned off, I am unable to get our iPhones to drop wifi calls or switch to LTE while inside on wifi calls.  My Eeros are using firmware 2.1  

    The FCC, AT&T, Comcast, and Apple haven't been able to get the wifi call dropping problems to consistently repeat for them either. The FCC has NOT received any complaints about this problem with Eero; however, they've documented Netgear, Asus, and Linksys, in that order, as having the worst problems with Wifi calling.

    All that means is that whatever is causing the problems is NOT entirely Eero's fault  If it was, then more people would be having this problem  

  • Richard1864 Or we could exclude the FCC, AT&T, Comcast and Apple and just roll back to v1.1.5 that we know worked perfectly. 

  • Richard1864 reason I blame eero is because wifi calling worked PERFECTLY using my old wireless router. Once I installed eero it became a total disaster. Don't get me wrong, I love my eeros, they are awesome, but there IS something wrong with the software that is making wifi calling not function. Hopefully their support team can fix this issue. I have emailed them and opened a ticket. 

  • Sort of off topic and does nothing to fix the issue of dropped wifi calls but, we have AT&T service at our home and have found it impossible to get a cellular signal inside the house. But we don't have to rely on wifi calling for our iPhone 7s.  We got a microcell from AT&T that somehow uses your internet service to set up a mini cell tower of sorts in your home. Someone a lot smarter than me can probably better explain what a microcell is, but I get a full signal with no dropped calls without wifi calling enabled. Maybe an option until they get things sorted out? Don't know if other carriers offer something similar. 

  • Rhymin_apparatus that's an excellent idea. I know Sprint and Verizon provide those too. I don't know about T-Mobile. That's an excellent workaround. 

  • CLalib  you are NOT, repeat NOT helping. You're negative comments are not welcomed. Jeff C. can you please get him to stop his unhelpful comments?

  • 3 Iphones here.  None work on EERO wifi calling.  Calls drop right away and I have to turn off Wifi Calling when home.  They work fine at work with WIFI.  And they worked fine with WIFI calling with old NETGEAR Nighthawk.  It is obvious EERO breaks WIFI calling.

  • I've had this problem since 2.0 came out eventually gave up and went google wifi. Really wanted it to work. Sorry Eero. Anyone want to buy my 3pack?

  • The eero community should not be used as a space to buy or sell goods. Thank you.

  • Cynicalguy 

    I wouldn't say it's obvious or there wouldn't be people with this working. Can someone please test using a single eero to eliminate handoff as the issue? 

  • Jeff C. Sorry about that. Was mostly joking. 😜 

  • FuzzyG I had previously unplugged all but one of my Eero's and the problem persists even when staying stationary. Handoff seems to exacerbate the problem, but is not the exclusive cause of the issue. My observation is that the calls seem to drop when the signal changes between 2.4 and 5 Ghz. That appears to happen even when there is only one Eero on your network under the new v2.x.x architecture. However, my frequency change observation is only speculation. 

  • CLalib 

    To nail that down is there any way to force the iPhone to only connect to 2.4 or 5ghz? 

  • FuzzyG I have not been able to find a way to restrict wifi bands on the iPhone. Here is what I can tell you with confidence. 100% of the time when my iPhone moves between 2.4 and 5 Ghz while on the Eero network the calls drop. I cannot tell for sure that it is the frequency change that is causing the drop, but every time the frequency band changes (even on the same node), the call drops. I am observing the frequency change using new features in the Eero app that show which node a device is connected to as well as the frequency it is on. Handoffs between nodes seem to work seemlessly if the frequency band does not change.

  • CLalib 

    OK. I am sure that information is useful for the eero team. Thanks! 

  • I am able to restrict iPhones to a specific frequencies using Apple airport extremes.

    1.  I use different names for my 2.4 ghz and my 5ghz network.  When I move around my house I stay logged into which ever network I have chosen.  iPhone stays connected to that network.  


    Question?  can Eero's have a different network name for 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz?

    Will an iPhone stay connected to that network when it moves from one Eero to the next?

    I don't have an Eero setup to test this with and won't be able to until the Wifi calling is fixed.

    Is it possible for someone to test this?

  • maverick I think that would negate eero's whole concept (different network names). 

  • Jeff C. Opened a ticket today. I have a Verizon iPhone 6s Plus and use wifi calling extensively at home for business. Wifi calls are now starting to drop everyday, multiple times. Many times I am sitting at my home office desk with the eero module just a foot away from my phone. Very frustating ... hope a resolution is near. Cannot put up with this much longer. 

  • Has anyone tried Deleting their Eero network (via Network Settings>Advanced Settings) and then rebuilding it?  When you delete your network, this removes all the Eeros from your network and then resets them to factory defaults. I've found that used to help quite a bit with similar issues on regular routers, and was wondering if that helped anyone here with their wifi calling problems. 

  • Does this issue affect the phones ability to connect to the network beyond just wifi calling? I rarely use my T-Mobile iPhone at home for phone calls, however I do keep wifi calling enabled. I have had some connection issues since setting up my eero network, however it was never during a phone call. 

  • Slowly each of my friends are ditching their Eeros (and of course since I recommended them, my friends are blaming me for wasting their money). And now, more than a month out, still not even a response from Eero other than "a ticket has been submitted."

    It was a huge error in my judgment to recommend a company who can unilaterally push out firmware updates without owner permission.

    Do you not realize the impact this broken wifi calling has on people who do not have good cellular coverage at home? Do you not care? Do you not have the technical know how to correct the bug you created? Do you not have the staff to provide updates so that we know there could be hope somewhere on the horizon?

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