Error + discrete firewall + multi-subnet LAN

I checked as much of the documentation and existing posts as I could without finding an obvious answer so hopefully this isn't a repost.

I'm trying to setup 3 Eero units behind a discrete firewall (pfsense) effectively just using Eero for wireless AP in bridging mode. My main question is about using a LAN connection for each Eero instead of relying on them to mesh via wifi. My home has Ethernet in each room all running back to a switch, however some of the rooms are on different subnets. If my primary Eero is on a different subnet than the other devices, does it matter?

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    If you want to use wired backhaul they need to be on the same subnet. They have to talk to each other to manage wifi actively. If you separate them on another subnet it's as if they are bridging via wireless only, which they can do. 

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