Where to find eero MAC address to use for IP Passthrough?

Just got AT&T fiber, and it came with a Moto BGW210 fiber gateway. I've already turned off wireless on the BGW210, and have the eero in AP/bridge mode. I want to configure the BGW210 to use IP Passthrough mode so that I can have the eero in full router mode. For that, I need the MAC address for the eero gateway node. And this brings me to the problem that I'm having.

There are MAC addresses all over the place in the eero app. I need to know specifically where to find the MAC address to use for the eero gateway mode for IP Passthrough mode in the eero app. So far I haven't picked out the right MAC address, and could really use a very specific pointer for this *smile*.

Thanks very much!

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  • There's also the possibility of using dhcps-dynamic in the IP Passthrough configuration. If the eero gateway node is the first client of the BGW210 to request an DHCP IP address, that would work. Are people having any success with the dhcps-dynamic setting?

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  • Here's what you do.  You connect your computer or laptop directly to the BGW and then the eero gateway to the BGW - nothing else.  Go into the settings of the BGW via browser --- Firewall --- IP Passthrough --- Select Passthrough mode --- DHCPS-Fixed---then below pick the eero from the device dropdown list.  Hit save... that's it. 

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  • Thanks for reaching out, MrDoh and great question! For the purpose of IP passthrough requiring a MAC, the address you'll want to use is the MAC associated with the Ethernet port you happen to be using on the gateway eero.

    To find that, tap on the icon of the individual eero in the app, and then go to the Details screen – you'll see two MACs for the two Ethernet ports, labelled as Left and Right. The Left and Right refer to the ports when looking at them from the back of the unit. Using the same MAC as the port you're using should allow you to configure passthrough without any issue.

    Additionally, depending on the model of AT&T gateway you have, you may be able to match the MAC address by finding the eero in the modem-router's own connected devices list within the admin panel. 

    Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns, and myself or the other Community members will be happy to offer additional insight. Thanks again for taking the time to post, glad to have you here!

    Drew, eero Community Team

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      • MrDoh
      • MrDoh
      • 6 mths ago
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      Drew Perfect, exactly what I needed. Thanks so much!

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  • What type of wifi speeds are you getting with Eero and AT&T Fiber? I am on ATT Fiber Gigabit service and get ~700 mbps/950 mbps down/up but my wifi struggles to get anything over 175 mbps on my iPhone X, XR, Laptop, etc...I have a Pace 5268ac running Eero in bridge mode since before it was even slower... Any ideas from anyone?  

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      • MrDoh
      • MrDoh
      • 5 mths ago
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      alz0rz Decided that all we really need is a solid 100Mbps up and down after using that for a month with no problems. We get over 120/120Mbps with the eero on AT&T fiber any time I test my internet speed, evening prime time or not. So much better than Comcast, where either their 250/10 or 150/5 tier could go down to 75Mbps or so during evening prime time. Finding that the 100Mbps speed tier is plenty for our needs (two adults streaming TV, and doing the usual stuff on the internet :-) like email, FB, photo syncing to google photos, continuous internet backup, etc.

      Also, I've added MoCA 2 links to the remote eero nodes for hard-wired backhaul. It is all working very well here, solid wired and wireless throughput, happy with the decision to go with the 100Mbps tier. Data cap hasn't been a problem since we have an indoor over-the-air TV antenna as well that gets a good amount of use via a 4-tuner Tablo. If we need to, we can go to the 300/300 or 1Gbps speed tier, but no need at the moment. If the data cap was a serious issue, it would make sense to go to the 1Gbps speed tier just to avoid having a data cap.

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