Managing Kids and limiting screen time

I am looking for better features to limit screen time of my kids. Pausing on schedule is good start but not that flexible. would prefer time quotas. ie. you have 2 hours per day.  Second, better reporting. Who is using most time, bandwidth?

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    • 7 yrs ago
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    Hey  mweider —

    Thanks for your feedback and welcome to the eero community :)

    These are great suggestions, and I am more than happy to share them with our team!


    Jeff, eero Community Manager

    • Charcoal_Sky
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    I had the idea of an option to block Inappropriate websites or to get an alert when an website or ip is accessed on my network as to get an alert when kids are playing online video games while I'm out of the house. 

    • jamwin
    • 2 yrs ago
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    I bought eero as I read I could control kid access with profiles - unfortunately, one of my kids quickly learned to spoof his mac address and get access anyway.  I think I could stop him from doing this if:

    1. There was MAC whitelist option - so only allowed devices can connect, vs blocking MAC addresses or

    2. I could schedule guest network on/off

    I go to bed early and I have 4 kids, often up later than me doing homework.  I’m not super strict, but one of my kids will just stay online to 4am if not blocked.  I take his phone when I go to bed, but he can still use any other device.  If he knew the guest network was off and his gaming PC was blocked outside scheduled hours, he’d just go to bed.

    Yes I know many of you are going to say just parent properly take his devices bla bla bla - I get it, but with 4 kids, each who has a phone, an ipad, a laptop and some also a gaming PC, it’s something I want to automate.  I have to get up early to work and I don’t want to have to get up policing different kids of different ages at different times…and taking devices away doesn’t really work as they need them for school, fact of life these days.

    • jamwin
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Or if I could set up a separate SSID for each kid and schedule that on/off - I was able to do this with the smart modem that I have, and with ubiquity that is installed in the house…but then I don’t get the coverage of eero through the house

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