Switching from wireless to wired?

Hi there

New user to Eero, and all is great so far; 2 questions..

-set 2 of my 3 pro units up wiressly, but want to switch one to wired now..do I just disconnect the power, wire it up, and then plug it in, or do I have to delete it from my setup first, then re-add it?

-why is the speed test so much faster from within the app, versus when you actually run the speed test app on your phone or tablet?



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  • Just plug the network cable into your eero. No need to even unplug the power (although rebooting it isn’t necessarily a bad idea).

    In terms of the speed tests being different, the eero app speed test will *usually* be the most accurate because it’s testing using your gateway eero (i.e. the one directly connected to your modem). Since it’s hardwired and the closest to the “internet” it will be a more accurate representation. Your phone/tablet on the other hand introduces a LOT of variables that can impact speed test results. Things like what kind of device you’re using (like what kind of wireless capabilities it has), how strong of a WiFi connection it has, what speed test service you’re using, what remote server that test service is connecting to, etc, etc.

    Basically, I never trust a wireless speed test result except just to get a basic understanding of an internet connection. If I want to actually test the internet speed, I’m going to test while hardwired in whether that’s a laptop, or like at home, just trusting my eero test.

    Is that all clear as mud? :)

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  • yes, thanks, that is as clear as the driven slush!

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  • Agreed. Wired is always best when possible. Have 3 eeros wired here and getting 4th.  Wireless is great but wired is greater. :)

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