Unpausing a profile is not unpausing devices in the profile

I have a profile for my son's devices.  It pauses regularly each evening around bedtime and works well from that perspective.  When he gets home and finishes his homework and chores, he can ask to have the internet turned back on.  When I open the app on phone or tablet, the profile correctly shows paused.  I can unpause the profile and the icon changes as expected, but it still shows that there are 4 devices paused.  I can then open each device and unpause it and all is well, but shouldn't they unpause with the profile?


I have recreated the profile a few times.  I have left the existing profile intact and moved devices out of it as well as removed the profile to test, but the behavior remains.  Is there something I may be missing that this is expected behavior?  It seems counter-intuitive.

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    This is also happening with my profile.

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