Gateway shuts down spontaneously

Hi, I have 3 eero pros in my house.  Had them for  a couple of years. No problems... until about 2 months ago. My gateway eero will spontaneously shut itself down. Happens about once each day, usually around 8pm. Not sure why ~8pm.. the timing is not correlated to anything happening at my house or on my network.  Fortunately, this issue has not manifested during business hours. 
When the shutdown occurs, the gateway is still physically connected to electric power, but the LED is off and the unit is cool to the touch as if it is not plugged in to the outlet at all. 
Interestingly, if I unplug the Ethernet cable connecting the gateway to my Xfinity modem, the eero’s LED will light back up (blinking white). 
I was in communication with eero support about this problem, and support suggested trying a number of things, including getting a new Xfinity modem, swapping my gateway with another one of the eeros in my house, and using a different electric outlet.  I also tried deleting my eero network, resetting the eeros to factory  configuration and creating a whole new network from scratch with the same equipment. None of it worked, and I never heard from eero support again. Support said they have never seen this issue before. Maybe they ran out of suggestions for me. 
Any help the community can offer would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!

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  • Wow, that is a strange issue. Did you try all the things eero support suggested, including a different xfinity modem? If it’s happening even on a different eero unit, that would seem to indicate the issue is “upstream”. Have you also tried using a different network cable between the modem and gateway eero?

      • Katz321
      • Katz321
      • 6 mths ago
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      cMoo92 yes, I tried using a different Ethernet cable and I swapped out the Xfinity modem for a brand new one. The problem persists. 
      If the problem is upstream, meaning some kind of problem with the signal that I am getting from Xfinity feeding into my eero... how in the world would I diagnose/fix it?  
      if course, I’ve called Xfinity and they say the signal to my equipment is fine. And then they caution me against using a 3rd party router instead of their equipment, because they can’t support third party networking hardware. 

    • Katz321 By "upstream" I mean something from your eero to your modem. I don't think there's any way that the signal coming into the modem could impact the eero, but rather something the modem is doing. 

      Have you enabled bridge mode on your Xfinity gateway? https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/wireless-gateway-enable-disable-bridge-mode

      • Katz321
      • Katz321
      • 6 mths ago
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      cMoo92 Yes, the modem is in bridge mode.  I thought that the modem being in bridge mode was a requirement for the eero network to function at all.  So the modem has always been setup that way.   

  • I am having the same issue with one of my units, the unit is shutting completely off and cool to the touch. Have to unplug, wait 7-10 seconds and plug it back in to power it back on. I suspect overheating issue which is causing the unit to shut down. My issue started in April after the most recent firmware version. Have been working with support for the last couple of weeks and have yet to get a resolution.I was able to move that unit to secondary instead of gateway primary so i don't loose my network connectivity overall

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