Verizon G1100 with TV setup

Although I build and repair PC’s I am not good with internet. My wife works from home and if I screw up my internet I’m in trouble. Just got the Eero 6 Pro. Can anyone advise step by step how to set it up. I also have Verizon TV. Do I leave my Verizon modem/router broadcasting WiFi or would I turn it off? Any step by step install would be appreciated. Everything is still in box. Thank you

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  • I have a similar setup - Verizon (now Frontier) G1100, and a single Eero 6 (not pro).

    Steps I followed, with relative success:

    1. Rename existing WiFi SSIDs (through G1100) to something else (e.g. "MyWiFi old")
    2. Open Eero box and follow their "frustration free" steps
    3. Name the new WiFi SSID (through Eero) to what it was on the old router, use the same passphrase

    This worked for me as all of my WiFi and wired devices (WiZ lights, Wyze cameras, Nest thermostat, phones, computers, etc.) connected successfully to the new network.

    Once you confirm all of your devices are connecting to the new Eero WiFi and working well - check if there are any active devices on the G1100, reconnect them to the new WiFi, and then you should be able to take G1100 offline and keep it as a backup.

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  • Thanks. What about setting Verizon router to bridge mode and double NAT as they say in instructions? You also have Verizon TV? I appreciate your advice and thank you for your patience but I’m still not clear. The eero app should guide be thru setup without me having to bridge the router or change to NAT myself?

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    • Jackietools don't have Verizon TV - so you're right, my steps may not apply to you.

      That said, the G1100 does work in standard router/WAP mode downstream from Eero and my understanding is the TV service won't care if there's an Eero in between. (Could be wrong but doubt it.) Personally I'd try this first.

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  • I wish eero could post a simpler step by step for this specific router with or without TV as I’m sure it’s a common setup.

  • Thanks. Do I should try your set up procedure as you described above and see if that works? I’ll rename my old WiFi and setup by following eero app steps. Thanks. May be after Christmas but I’ll let you know how I make out. Thank You

    • Jackietools yes, I'd try that. If something doesn't work, you could always disconnect eero and revert the changes and be back to normal.

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    • Thanks for the help

  • Jackietools


    I did find an article on our knowledge base that helps with the setup of Verizon Fios. It did not include your specific MRC but if you had not been using this previously you might find it useful. I have provided the link below.


    Thank you,

    James Wilcox

    eero Support 

    • James Wilcox  Can all this be done thru the eero app?

    • James Wilcox Do I plug in eero and run the setup or do I have to manually do anything to my router before plugging in eero and running setup? If so what order is each process done.? Will setup tell me at a certain point when to NAT or when to bridge? A numbered step by step before I start would be a big help. As I said my wife works from home for a big bank and if I screw up the internet I’m in a lot of trouble. Thanks again.

    • James Wilcox Should I disable SON on the Verizon G1100 before running setup? Thanks

  • This is where I am confused. I did read this but it is not clear. It says I have to use a double NAT mode AND Bridge mode? What order is this done? Do I start the setup in the eero app first or try set NAT and bridge mode first then run the eero setup. Do I try to set NAT and bridge before eero is plugged in?Thanks

  • Update. I simply plugged one end of Ethernet cable from back of router into eero base. When I got to setup part to name my wifi I disabled the radio in my Verizon router and named  new wifi from eero exactly same as it was in my Verizon router. Everything hooked back up auto and gave strong signal through house. Should I leave it as is ? Everything seems to be working, TV is good and I can use ports on  back of Verizon router as well as ports on back of eero routers.

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