Enable WPA3 for Compatible devices blocks incompatible devices

When WPA3 is enabled it blocks the devices that cannot use WPA3, however even though WPA3 is enabled the devices that can use it are not using WPA3 according the eero app.

Anyone else noticed this? devices that cannot connect are Apple TV 1st gen and IPad gen2/3. my Motherboard which is a Asrock 570 extreme4 wifi can use WPA3 is not using WPA3 according to the app.

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    Spent hours on this issue recently. I have an older printer HP ENVY 4500 that was working fine and in between using the printer I had turned on WPA3 not realising this would prevent the printer connecting to wifi. Having given up and a few days later I was playing around with some eero settings and switched off WPA3 in the app. I then happened to notice the printer connected to eero. Would be helpful to add a note on that WPA3 option to quickly say "This may prevent some older wifi devices from connecting". 

    • Will32
    • 6 days ago
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    I have two Google Nest Hub 2nd Generation, which I know support WPA3 protocol because one of them is using the WPA3 protocol, but for some reason, the second Nest Hub is only using WPA2 Basic Protocol. The only reason that I found out that that this device supported WPA3 protocol was I had to factory reset one of the Google Nest Hub 2nd Generation for technical issues and after I did that the device was using Protocol WPA3. So eero can you look into this and see if this issue can be fixed with a future update to the eero router? 

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