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I continue to have this issue where the app will show fluctuating signal strength mostly to apple devices. It only shows this in app, the signal on my phone never changes and running speed tests show good connectivity and speed. It’s driving me crazy, been doing this for a couple months now, I do not remember this happening when we first set our eero up in September. This photo is from connectivity to the gateway eero from the second floor, eero is directly below me. 

i also will show signal strength fluctuations to a beacon  (not gateway) that i will literally be 5 ft in front of with no obstructions in the dining room only this time the speed actually does go up and down. I’m suspicious of that eero being bad as it seems like I need to restart it every couple weeks to get performance normal again. 

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    This is likely the Apple devices putting their radio to sleep, causing the eero to see a lower MCS rate for communications. Seems to only affect Wi-Fi 6 clients in my experience, probably a change related to OFDMA.

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