Hi, Mitch here from LEADSTREAM in New Zealand, we provide a software solution to service businesses in the form of a an instant pricing/quoting calculator that our customers embed on their websites and then it give website visitors an accurate pricing quote based on answers to quesitons, it then collects their info and emails the quote through.

We are having a major issue here where anyone with an EERO modem, specifically with MERCURY internet provider are not able to see the plugin in on any of the websites that have the plugin in embedded, meaning our LEADSTREAM users are missing clients.

This is seriously hurting our business because a big chunk of NZ internet users are being blocked form out plugin.

The URL that the plugins are on is app.getleadstream.com

Here is an example of the plugin on one of our customers websites https://swishpropertyservices.co.nz/get-a-quote/

Would really appreciate some support in getting our software whitelisted across all EERO users, other wise it is proving to be really costly for us. I have tried calling support a couple of times and can't get through and the email support has been unhelpful as they are not able to grasp the issue. 

Thanks heaps, Mitch (mitch@pinpoint.digital)

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    • Michael_eero_support
    • 6 mths ago
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    Please send us an email to support@eero.com and use the subject line "Community Followup - whitelist site"

    In the meantime try having your customers add that site to the eero whitelist (eero app->Discover->eero Plus/Secure->Block & Allow Sites) to get them going in the meantime.

    • Mitchell_Horton
    • 6 mths ago
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    Just sent through an email, thanks heaps.

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