Extremely slow internet

Just got the new Eero 6 mesh. One gateway and 2 hubs. House is 3 levels and 2100 sq ft. Gateway on main floor. One hub in basement and the other upstairs. I’m getting 715Mbps from my modem to my eero gateway. However, all I’m getting from my gateway is 150Mbps right next it on my laptop. Upstairs I’m only getting 50Mbps. I’ve updated the software and restarted each hub and the gateway. Is Eero really this bad? 

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  • Having the same problem. I’m on Google Fiber not even breaking 150 Mbps on my iPhone 11 Pro Max (wifi 6). 

    This is happening for me in both bridge and automatic mode 


    I was getting faster speeds on my Orbi setup that uses 802.11ac 


    This is my first experience with Eero and so far, I'm very disappointed and frustrated after dropping $600 for the 3 pack

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  • Yup... nobody is listening about it not performing.. in reality I’m not find much of any improvement over my 802.11ac... I’ve tried explaining it’s not performing... lots of excuses— let it “adjust to your environment” over a few days (I call BS).. it’s “better than your 802.11ac”... umm.. not really, not at the price point anyways.


    see my thread:


  • I thought the eero pro 6 was going to be much better but doesn’t seem that great. I have gig speed with xfinity and sitting 15 feet from the eero I got 136 mbps on my iPhone 11 Pro Max and going into a room off the living room where the eero is it dropped pathetically low. I thought these mesh systems were suppose to be way better and not have dead spots. I had better WiFi with my older router.

  • I got it so that if I’m connected to the Gateway I’m around 300-500. However, it stays connected to the Gateway wherever I go unless I reconnect to the WiFi, which defeats the purpose of a mesh system. But that might be more of an Apple problem then Eero 6 problem. That being said, I actually now have more WiFi dead zones than I did before switching to Eero. Needless to say, it is being returned. 

  • I just upgraded from a Gen. 1 eero system to the new eero 6 system. Below are the speeds I’m seeing. Above the yellow line are the eero 6 speeds and below are the Gen. 1. The speeds highlighted in red are from my iPhone 11 Pro right next to the gateway eero. The other speeds are from my iPhone upstairs in the living room. The eero devices are in the exact same spots as the previous system. Finally, I typically get about 450 mbps from my modem to the gateway eero. 

    All that being said, I’m consistently getting speeds in the low 30’s mbps range with the eero 6. And my iPhone 11 Pro is WiFi 6 capable. We are talking about speeds that are 30% of what I was getting before on a 4 year old Gen. 1 eero. To say I’m disappointed is more than an understatement. This performance is totally unacceptable on a brand new system that is supposedly an “upgrade”. If I don’t see major improvement in the next few days I’ll be returning this to Amazon and reactivating my original eero system. 

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      So I’m going to temper my comments from last night. I’ve done some more testing with my new Eero 6 setup but first some background on my house layout. I have a 2400 square foot split level home with 3 levels. The lower level is a partial basement. The main level sits directly on a concrete slab with nothing underneath. And finally there is an upper level. 

      Lower - The gateway eero is located here in the family room. As I mentioned yesterday I can get speed test results about 350 mbps which is great since I’m paying for a 400 mbps internet service  

      Main - The living room eero is located here  It’s up one level from the gateway and then about 20 feet away from the gateway eero. Lots of concrete foundation between them. And as mentioned before I’m getting speeds between 30-35 mbps here.

      Upper - The master bedroom eero is located here. It’s two levels up from the gateway. But distance wise that translates to going up a single flight of stairs in a traditional two story home. I have an office directly above the family room where the gateway eero is located  and the master bedroom is just across the hallway. As you can see below I’m getting about 180 mbps when connected to the master bedroom eero. Not quite 50% of the 400 mbps speeds I’m paying for. More in the 40-45% range of the actual internet speeds at the router.

      So I’m thinking the poor performance I was seeing yesterday in the living room is more related to signals being blocked by the concrete foundation. It would be great if I could hardwire the gateway eero to the living room eero but the layout of my home makes that impractical. If it would make a huge difference I might consider having Ethernet pulled from the living room to the gateway eero through the walls and attic. But even with the 30-35 mbps I’m getting in the living room that’s still more than enough to stream TV and 4K movies so I’m not sure if it’s worth the hassle and expense. 

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      And now I have to retract my criticism altogether. Several of my HomeKit devices stopped responding earlier today so I rebooted my Eero 6 system to resolve that issue. Just a few minutes ago I ran another test while connected to my living room eero on the main level. Now I’m get speeds in the 180 mbps range on my iPhone 11 Pro. Same with my Apple TV 4K. I have no idea what kind of voodoo this system has done to get itself together ... but others having poor performance might want to give it a few days and a reboot. 

  • Not sure if something changed but tried a speed test again and it was much higher was 627mbps. Highest it’s been since I installed it. 

  • I’m having the same issue. :Something happened on Nov 18 and my speeds dropped from 600-700-800 on the eero app to sometimes below 100. I already replaced my Verizon router. Disabled eero labs. I saw there was a software update on Nov 17, I’m wondering if that’s the issue. Should I delete the network and start from scratch?? 

  • I have the new Eero 6.  It worked great up until 6 days ago.  Not sure what happened.  Spectrum jumped us to 200 and since then I can't pull more than 65-80 on the wi-fi.  Wired to the Eero 'hub' with a Cat 5 I get 180 easily.  I'm not sure what happened.  I've been on the phone with tech support and they said it's the 'structure and walls' that degrade the signal which confuses me as it worked fine before.  I've done the hard resets with no luck.   Any ideas?

  • I just got the eero6 pro and replaced a net gear nighthawk. Extremely disappointed that this “high” performance setup it’s giving me 7 times less speed that the nighthawk.


    i have a gig fiber connection and eero app says speed is almost full gig from ISP.


    connected directly to the eero router, I am getting 270mpbs

    Wireless I am getting 150mbps

    Is there any solution to this? After paying $600 for this and have performance sucks this big, I feel robbed

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