Issues with Eero Pro mesh network.

I was hoping some of you guys would have some better knowledge than me on mesh networking.  I upgraded my home to a smart home.  It has all smart options.  Prob. added about 15 smart devices to better optimize the running of the home.  I also added an Erro Pro mesh network and and extender on each level of the home (basement, 1st floor, 2nd floor).  When testing the speeds in Eero, it's 400+ MBPS. However, when I test on speed test, I am only going around 20 MBPS - 30MBPS.  I called Eero, but they've been of little help.  I've restarted the modem and each of the eero's, but no luck.


Any suggestions?

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  • Do not mix extenders and Eero's together.  If you're using Eero, you have no need for extenders.

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      I am not using any extenders, just 3 eero pros. I'm on Spectrum if it matters.

    • INTL Ok, then what did you mean by "...Erro Pro mesh network and and extender on each level...".  What sort of device is that "extender" you mention?


      How are the eero pros connected to each other, wired or wirelessly?  What does the signal strength for each eero pro look like in the app?  Have you tried moving the eeros closer together?  5ghz does not travel far.  Also make sure they're not directly over each other either.

      On a side note, I'm using 5 eero pros across 4400 sq ft also with Spectrum 1 gbps service.

  • I meant I have three Eeros, and they are placed on each level of the house.  One is a wire into the modem, all others are wirelessly.

    • INTL sounds like they're too far apart.

  • I have a similar home layout to you. I would suggest "staggering" the units position between the floors, so that they are not directly on top of one another. Signal is the weakest directly below and above a node, so with the placement slightly staggered they should get a better signal.

    In my 1200sq.ft. townhome I had to eventually run ethernet to wire in all the nodes, as when the hardwood was installed they lined the floor with foil insulator, which obliterates any signal between floors.

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  • I thought that too, but they are not on top of each other. I used the app to find the best place to put them. Very strange.

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