eero pro 6E - IPv6 - DUID - what type. prefix allocation fails

I have an eero pro 6E running v6.13.4-21

I am having trouble with IPv6 prefix allocation.

What type of DUID does the eero pass on a DHCPv6 request?

Is it a DUID-LL (link layer address), ie formed of a fixed prefix + a MAC address - ie stable

Or is it the default Link-layer address plus time (DUID-LLT) - and if this, when is it saved/reused (ie across connection failure, reboot, reset) and when is it reallocated.

Also, does the eero RELEASE the prefix when the connection goes down.

The odd problem I'm seeing is IPv6 prefixes get allocated once. They never work again (my test was to reboot) until the ISP releases them, or allocates me new ones (both being a human support task). I'm wondering if by any chance this could be because the DUID
is not stable across reboots.

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    Unfortunately I failed to sniff the WAN traffic.. so don't have a detailed protocol exchange to check.

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    Ok a variation - does anyone have IPv6 working reliably (across reboots) with an Eero 6e pro, using pppoe/dhcpv6 ?

    I’m still chasing my ISP (Giganet) - escalated them last night.

    The eero is designed as a managed device/simplified end user experience. That is so awkward when trying to diagnose issues - unless you have a super good ISP, when that management probably pays off

    But right now I’ve had to replace the eero with another unit just to confirm the error responses I’ve been getting. Without access to such basics it’s not a device I could purchase (this one was supplied by ISP)

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    Quick update
    * ISPv6 fails to work reliably (ie only occasionally) with Giganet, a UK ISP. Using PPP/dhcpv6 the prefix is not allocated
    * Using a fritzbox 7530, but only with 'rapid commit' disabled - works reliably
    * ISP is in contact with eero. Hoping we'll see an update 

    This is an ISP router, but it does demonstrate the challenges with having no user visible logs, and no configuration. Difficult for techie users to progress a problem. Of course the benefit is in end users who just want things to work where knobs and switches may be the problem!

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