Can you fix the "Devices" TableViewController?

I've posted this on twitter twice, but no response.  When showing all of the "Devices", your implementation of the TableViewController is not to Apple's specs.

(1) Section headers should remains visible on the screen.  You have two section headers "Current On Your Network" and "Recently on your Network".  The two section headers scroll off the screen as you scroll through each of the table row cells under that section header.  That is NOT the proper implementation of the TableViewController.


(2) Why is it when I view details of a device on the "Devices" view, it never goes back to the exact same location when I tap on the back button.  It picks some random location in the "Devices" TableView implementation.  Why can't you just go back to the same location?  Again, this is not following's Apple's implementation of the TableViewController, in addition to being a poor user experience.  


I've been reporting both these issues since version 1.5 (Jan 25th).  Their has been 6 releases since then, and the problem still persists.  


I assume you're using Jira to track not only your Epics and Stories, but defects.  Can you please open a defect for the current release (v1.5.6) for this and assign it to the current sprint you're working on?  


Note:  This should not be considered a feature request and put in your backlog for a future grooming session.  This IS a bug and one that should have been caught as you're doing your automated Xcode testing using XCTest.


We should not have to wait this long to fix a simple coding error like this.


Thank you!

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