IOS app runs on guest network but not on main network

I recently installed a new eero network.  I also enabled a guest network on the same physical network.  After installing my network, I noticed that one of my iOS apps stopped working on my iPad and iPhone.  It is the NBC MyTeams app.  It will not get past the initialization screen when launched.  What is interesting is that if my iPad/iPhone is off the network and using the cellular connection, then the app runs fine.  What is also interesting is that if I sign on to my guest network, the app also runs fine.  However, when on my main network, the app does not get through initialization and sits there attempting to connect to the backend server I presume.

Any idea why this would work on the guest network but not the main network?

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  • Are you using eero plus?  I had a similar issue the other day, where I could not get to a particular website, but could on guest and cellular, seemed to be an an issue using Zscalar DNS which is used if using eero plus, on your main network.  The guest network does not filter traffic so uses whatever DNS server you have set.

    The fix for me was that

    1) I turned off all eero plus features, this includes the filters, which should bring you back to using the ISP or whatever DNS server you have set.

    2) tested that I could get to the site, which worked.

    3) Re-enabled eero plus features, which put my main network back on Zscalar DNS, and everything started working good.

    I had opened a ticket with eero support, and would recommend you do too, to make them aware of the issue and my fix, so that they could look into it, just in case it is a bug or some other issue.

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  • I can now reliably reproduce the issue...


    1. iPad joins the network running Eero Plus with both Eero Plus features ENABLED

    2. Launch the NBC MyTeams app

    3. App never gets past the splash screen and hangs during initialization.


    4. Now, disconnect the iPad from the Eero network, and forget the Eero network in Settings -> Network

    5. Turn off Ad-Blocker in Eero Plus

    6. Connect the iPad to the Eero network

    7. Launch the NBC MyTeams app (after killing the hung instance).  It now works!


    Apparently Ad-Blocker is the culprit.  Note that after DISABLING Ad-Blocker, the app will continue to hang until you exit the network and reconnect.


    Now for the most interesting part.  If I go into Eero Support and open a trouble ticket, when I submit the trouble ticket, the same issue occurs.  That is, if Ad-Blocker is ENABLED, I cannot submit the ticket and the submit ‘hangs’.  So it’s ironuc that the Eero ticketing system and the MyTeams iPad app seem to have a very similar issue with Ad-Blocker ENABLED.

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