Troubleshoot Problems with eero wired connectivity

I have Verizon Fios, and the standard wifi / router that it comes with.  I have the default wifi on the fios router software disabled.  I also have 4 eero.  The primary eero is connected to my fios router via ethernet. The other three are satellites.  All working fine....

Now, I want to connect a windows 10 pc as a wired connection to the network. When I connect it to a remote eero or if I connect it to the fios router my entire eero network turns red in 1-2 min....

I then have to spend 20min restarting the fios router and all the eero's to get things working again.

This was all working prior to eero with the Windows PC and an Airport Extreme connected into the fios router simultaneously.


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    • FuzzyG
    • 7 yrs ago
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    Hi @Obedek,


    Does this happen every time you plug that PC in ? 

    • Odebek
    • 7 yrs ago
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    Yes.  It will work for a short period of time and then all the eero's cascade into red, requiring restart.  Also today, I tried the PC stand alone without the eero's plugged into the router and it works fine, then I plugged in the eero and it knocked the PC offline..  

    I can't figure this out... the eero is and this computer was    they should not be conflicting... 

    • FuzzyG
    • 7 yrs ago
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    Sorry @Odebek

    Regretfully my only suggestion is to call support. If it is this repeatable get them online and do it while on the phone. When eero go offline they have a bunch of diagnostic processes that attempt to "heal" the connection. When you disconnect the PC does the eero network eventually come back up ? 

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