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I've been using an eero system in my house for a few months now. I've noticed a subtle issue with one device, an iPad Pro. Most of the time [75% I would guess], when I pick it up after not using it for several hours (in the morning or after work) it can't make connection to the internet. It IS connected to WiFi, correct WiFi network name, full bars but safari, fb, gmail, etc can't load anything. I get the network busy indicator but nothing works. The gmail app will eventually say it can't make a connection.

I have found that if I turn off WiFi for even one second and then back on, it immediately starts working as if there was no problem. Usually a bunch of notification immediately come through (ring, nestcam, messages, etc). I'm within 10' of my main eero, through one wall and get a great connection, great throughput other than this one problem.

I've wondered if my device connect to the other eero in my house but I don't think it would have full bars if that were the case, it is pretty far away, through many walls.

This is quite annoying to me, are there any ideas how to fix the issue?

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  • Is your iPad running the latest available version of iOS? If not, do that. Also, you should reach out to eero support since they can actually get into your network and check things.

  • Yes, up to date (always)

  • I have the same issue with my iPad Air 2.  It happens to my iPhone as well but not nearly as often.  With the iPad it often happens when I pick it up first thing in the morning after it's been sitting unused all night.

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  • Hi mscalora lgreenberg

    Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear the issue you are both experiencing with your iPad Pro. As cMoo92 mentioned, if you haven’t contacted support yet, please do so our team can take a look.

    We can be reached by email at support@eero.com or by phone at 877-659-2347.

  • I've had the exact same issue with my Wife's new iPad Pro and my iPad Air 2. 

  • Same issue here, with 2 Macbook Pro's and an iPhone 6s, all up to date on OS/patches.

  • Yup, Apple devices don't work well with eero.  My iPhone does this.  Network not working, swipe up, turn off wifi, turn on wifi, working again.   It's not mesh network in general.  Our network at work (University) is mesh and works fine.  But eero doesn't work well when you move about.  iPads, iPhone and OSX devices.  My macbook pro's do this also.  No connection....wifi off wifi on....working again.

  • Not only do all of our Apple devices ( iMacs, iPhones, watches, macbooks, iPads) work perfectly fine with our eero mesh system, they seem to work better with eero than any other mesh system or stand alone router we've tried with the exception of Apple's Time Capsule. (The Time Capsule can't equal it in speed or range however.)

    I'd second the recommendation for anyone having issues with Apple devices and eero contact (eero) support as well.    

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      David S That's great.  It doesn't however mean that there are no problems being experienced by others or that eero doesn't have an issue.  I have contacted support, they are aware of issues.  They are rebuilding their network management software from the ground up.  That's what makes it work so well, that is also what will lead to a few issues.  So I too recommend contacting support it's good to report these issues so they can be addressed and make the system even better.

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      ron_g I fully understand Ron. I never meant to imply the Eero system doesn't have *any* problems...nothing with this level of complexity is perfect. 

  • I have that issue over LTE. I think this is an Apple issue. FWIW I’m running iOS 13 beta software

  • I am having the same problem on my ipad pro, too. brand new eero pro, works fine with everything else. but with my ipad pro, the wifi comes and goes completely randomly without needing to restart devices or eero. I am not moving around, just sitting here on the couch in my tiny house, signal is very strong. all software is up to date. ironically, we got eero because my old apple router didn’t work with hub’s new android tablet. pretty annoying.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, monika k , and sorry to hear about the frustration. If the WiFi signal comes and goes in a truly random way, and the iPad is the only device affected, then I'd strongly encourage you to first attempt a reset of network settings, followed by assistance from Apple support directly.

      While it's normal and expected for some devices to have a brief "wake-up period" when you open them from a sleep/locked status, these sort of disconnects shouldn't happen randomly while you're using the iPad actively, so it seems like this is a little different than the original topic. If you still have questions or concerns after reaching out to Apple, please give us a call at 877-659-2347 or email support@eero.com and we'd be happy to offer whatever help we can!

      Drew, eero Support

  • I am having the exact same issue with my iPad. As I’m using it, the WiFi shows as connected, but nothing can get out. Turning the radio off for a brief second, then back on again, it will reconnect and start working again.  I travel a great deal, so I have experience with lots of WiFi networks, but only the eero is having this problem. 

  • I have the same problem with my IPAd Air. Turning the Wi-Fi off and then on allows the iPad to connect to the room eero,  but it doesn’t do so,automatically. In fact, my zoom calls drop. And when I come into the room the first time, I am not able to get any internet until I turn the Wi-Fi  button off and on. It completely defeats the purpose of a mesh system.

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