Strange behaviour following 6.16.2-88 update

Since this update a number of mobile apps on multiple phones don't work correct when connected to the Wifi (Tado, Strava, news apps) it happens on multiple phones. What i see is network errors with the apps/data, wifi being very slow/ not refreshing correctly. Web pages however work fine.

Anyone got any advice on how to role back to the previous version? or seen anything similar. I have tried rebooting everyting mutliple times with no effect

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    • Zymm
    • 4 days ago
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    Thank God I'm not alone. This is maddening. Tried everything. I've been in IT for 30 years and I am at wits end since this update. 

      • MikeUk
      • 3 days ago
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       I have tried getting eero to revert the version which apparently is not possible (I don't believe this for one second). Stuck with support who have not got clue, getting suggestions of change the DNS to Google servers for IPv4 but then being asked to turn on IPv6, nothing seams to make a difference

      • Zymm
      • 3 days ago
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      I was going to switch my open DNS to something else today. Lo and behold it's automagically fine today. 

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