Debugging a slow network

I have 3 older eeros (J010001 I think) and lately bought 3 eero 6 nodes. I'm using the latter as the "spine" along the house and the older ones as leaf nodes.

Periodically I get slow speeds (30-70 Gb at devices) despite the main node (connected to cable modem) showing 200+ Gb. I move them around now and then to try to optimize connections, but it's hit or miss.

  • When I run a network health check (via troubleshooting) it comes back and says something is non-optimal but doesn't tell me which node is slow.
  • Devices show up as being connected to particular named nodes but the nodes themselves don't show connections by name, just connection strength as a little icon that always looks good.
  • I'd like to see a little graph of what talks to what. I'd like to have more troubleshooting data when I run a health check.
  • I'd like to be able to run a network speed test at the node level instead of just at the main node connected to the cable modem.

Any suggestions?

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  • Hello mAdkins23 ,

    To begin troubleshooting we're going to want to start with eero placement. It sounds like you might have too many eeros for your home. When placing the eeros around your home you will want them to start out 35-45ft away from any other eeros and then move them closer only if necessary. Having too many eeros close together can cause symptoms like what you described above.

    In regards to the feature requests, please email them to support@eero.com from your verified email address so we can get that escalated for review and consideration.

  • I've been moving them around since I got them. I bought the second set of nodes because I had issues.

    My problem is that I don't have enough feedback from available tools to figure out where to move which node. I'm tired of just moving them about to see what happens.

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