Looking for advice on best setup\

I have a two story home, about 3000sq ft (~ 2K up / 1K down).

Modem is upstairs along an exterior wall in our office.

  • Currently, I have a Airport Extreme connected to the modem upstairs, and have an Airport Express connect to it via ethernet downstairs.
    • Both Apple devices run in bridge mode because I have IP addresses reserved for specific devices in my media room.  
    • I also have a Nest camera (important to note due to my questions)
    • Wondering if I should just leave my current setup wired as is, and leave the Nest connected to that network so it is not using bandwidth from the new Eero Network.
  • At the same time I have purchased a new Eero Pro 3 pack.
    • If I leave the existing network setup, I would setup the Eero wirelessly. (1 up / 2 down)
    • If I sunset the existing network, I could connect two Eeros via ethernet, and the 3rd would also be downstairs wirelessly. 
    • Should I consider pulling existing network, setting up the Eero and use the Apple devices in bridge mode within the Eero network?

Thanks for any feedback.  Much appreciated.

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  • edit: that SHOULD read 2k DOWNstairs and 1k Upstairs.

  • I wouldn’t recommend leaving the Airport devices running. I would remove those and only have the eeros. You can add IP reservations for devices in the eero app so that won’t be a problem. And hardwiring as many of the eeros as possible will always be the best choice...but it’s not required.

    Having the Nest camera on the same network won’t make a bit of difference. They actually don’t use all that much bandwidth. I have two of the cameras on my eero network.

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