Removing the US limiting number

Please, please, please, remove the number limiting to US. I am from Panama (507), I would buy it from the US, I buy stuff from amazon and other estores every month and I travel there a couple of times a year, thats not an issue; we are also standardized on common North American power outlets (120V), not an issue either.  We also inherited the US based FCC regulation for wifi. The only problem is I need a US phone number to log into the eero app, which has no sense in a globalized world. I understand the warranty and support is US based, no problem, i can call or send it if any issues.

I saw a couple of Canadian fellows posted it works there, but maybe this is because Canada and US share the same dialing country code?

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  • Hi  ronnyromero —

    Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the eero community.

    While eero isn't officially supported outside of the United States, we have customers located around the world. Our app is available internationally and the only requirement for registration is that customers enter a phone number in the following format: (XXX) XXX-XXXX.

    We know many customers have used workarounds such as Google voice numbers to meet this requirement. It's worth nothing that we're currently only able to ship within the United States and using eero outside of the United States will void the warranty. If you'd like to discuss your specific use case, please feel free to contact support.

  • yes, in this case i don't believe it would work, we don't have area codes here, so if I use the parenthesis for the country code, mobile phone numbers are (507) 6XXX-XXXX, land lines don't have the "6" so they are effectively 7 digit numbers while mobiles are 8 digit numbers.

    Or, can I use a landline number to register? does it require like a SMS to the number or needs to be the phone number with the app installed?

    Why limiting the registry to the US? it won't harm to let it be registered from anywhere. I get it that sales and warranty are only for US and otherwise void, but knowing that, opening the registry won't affect anyone.

  • Thanks for getting back,  ronnyromero .

    You will be able to verify your account via phone or email, so it won't require an SMS. However, we do require that a number is attached to the account to complete setup. 

    With regards to opening up the ability to use any number, that is good feedback and I'm happy to pass it along to our team. It hasn't been a focus for us as eero is still only officially supported in the US, but it is something we can consider with future development.

  • Hallo Jeff C. Any advances in this 'usa limiting number'? I'm from Belgium. I want to activate my eero. I don't mind warraty and stuff. Please let me do it :-)

      • Jeff C.
      • eero Community Manager
      • Jeff_C
      • 4 yrs ago
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      Paul_DC —

      Thanks for checking in. At this time, eero still requires a U.S. or Canada phone number as those are the only officially supported regions. If you get in touch with support@eero.com , our team can look at what options there may be in order to help you complete setup.

  • Hello Jeff, Thanks. I discovered I don't 'really' need a US phone number. Once I put 'a' number in, I can also put my email address. Once this address is authorized, the eero works fine. 

    Thanks again.


    Kind regards


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