eero pro - release and renew dynamic public IP address?


I have been relatively happy with my eero pro system but there are times when I wish I had just a little bit more control over the configuration and operation of it.  This is one of those times.

I am able to configure my ISP's cable modem to operate in 'bridge mode' (in case it's relevant).

Since I haven't contracted with my ISP to have a static IP address, I get a new dynamically-assigned IP address every so often.  On occasion, I get bad luck and get a dynamically-assigned IP address that is on cloudflare's "naughty list", which means that from one day to the next (from one external IP address to the next) I suddenly am faced with having to answer a CAPTCHA challenge on almost every website I visit.

This continues until I am able to get a new external IP address assigned, which I have to go through several trial-and-error gyrations of rebooting or resetting my cable modem, and rebooting or resetting my eero gateway.  Eventually I stumble across some magic combination and voila, I get a new external IP address dynamically assigned from my ISP and all of the CAPTCHAs go away and life resumes it normal course.

What I'd like to do is to find out how to force my eero gateway to release and renew its external IP address from my ISP.  I'm so frustrated with this, it's happened several times over the past year and each time it's so exhausting to get out of...  Today I tried calling them to see if it was something they could release and renew on their end, but I got someone on the phone who didn't know an IP address from their phone number, so there was absolutely no help there.

Please, for the love of all that's good and holy, eero, can you tell me how to do this?  

Since I'm in bridge mode, the IP address assigned from the ISP is triggered by my eero gateway asking for one; it seems that the cable modem really is just a pass-through communication enabler here, and the requesting, holding, and releasing is all done by the eero gateway, right?


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  • This isn’t something you or eero has control over. Your modem is simply requesting an IP address from the ISP’s DHCP server. It’s up to the DHCP server as to what IP it will hand out. Normally, it will keep handing out the same one, but it all depends on the DHCP server configuration on the “aging” of the IP address. Even doing a release/renew on your end will result in you getting the same IP most likely.

  • Your comment:

    >> Even doing a release/renew on your end will result in you getting the same IP most likely.

    ... is exactly what my original post is about -- that I do NOT have the ability to request this via my eero in its current capabilities. 

    Within my own network, almost any connected client device has the ability to release its assigned DHCP address and request a new one.  All I am asking for is the ability to do this at a "macro level" -- from the ISP's perspective, where eero gateway is the client to my ISP's DNS server, to release and request a renewal.  Surely this is possible. 

    I'm OK releasing the public IP address and then waiting a bit for renewal, to hopefully get a different one.  That would make all the difference in this case.

    eero doesn't give the consumer the ability to release or renew.  Hence my ask.

    You may not appreciate the need for this ask -- so just wait until you get assigned via your ISP's DHCP server a public IP address that is blacklisted with CloudFlare, and then you're having to answer CAPTCHA questions ("select every car", "select every bus", "select every crosswalk", "select every stop light") every time you visit most websites.  Worse, some web services will not work for you because of the intervening CAPTCHA authentication "are you human?" that silently causes problems...  Only when you stumble across the random series of events which results in a renewed DHCP public IP address that is NOT CloudFlare blacklisted is all right with the world again...  The struggle is real, folks.

  • FYI, other router manufacturers enable this by allowing you to change the MAC address of the router.  Once applied, it triggers a renewal of public IP address from the ISP because the "client" (the router) looks like a new client.  Linksys, for example, allows you to manually edit your MAC address but also to "clone" it from your PC.  I do not believe eero provides the ability for a customer to change the MAC address of any of its mesh nodes, esp. of the gateway unit.  This is ONE way they could accomplish it, its how other manufacturers do.

  • In thinking about it, I suppose one way I could do it would be to delete my eero network, switch out which of my nodes is to be the gateway, and set it back up again.  That way another MAC address would be coming through in the public DHCP IP request and I'd (in theory) get assigned a different public IP address.  So it would seem that there's a manual workaround that would require me to nuke my eero config each time this is required.

    • pinthea you don’t have to delete your network to change gateways. Literally all you have to do is physically switch the eeros around. They automatically handle the rest.

  • Thanks, cMoo92.  Good to know. I didn't know I could just juggle the eero units around and they'd figure themselves out.  Might have to try that the next time I get assigned a bum IP address!

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