Major connection issue

For about a week now, I’ve had a bad connection issue with my eeros. My internet is up and running, speed seems fine, but connections are not instantaneous. Every time I open an app or click a link, I have to try at least twice before it works. Happens with every device but worst on iOS. 

This probably happened after 3.13.0 update.

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  • You can run the health check in the eero app (under Help > Troubleshooting), and if that doesn’t help resolve your issue, contact eero support who will happily help you out.

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  • Hi, miamojo – thanks for taking the time to share your concerns here. This is definitely some unusual behavior, and not something we believe to be related to the newest firmware update, so I'd like for us to investigate this a little further with you. Please shoot us an email to support@eero.com with the details of what you're seeing and we'd be happy to do what we can to get this resolved! We look forward to hearing back from you, and please feel free to put "Community followup" in your subject line so I can get your email directly to a specialist!

    Drew, eero Community Team

  • The identical issue is occurring with me. I've been on the phone with deep support, my ISP, and my modem provider support. I'm at the point of changing my modem and changing from deep to an alternate mesh vendor. The last week technician wasn't at all helpful. 

    • Ipattorney1 I’m assuming eero was autocorrected to “deep” in your comment. If you haven’t tried already, plug a computer directly into your modem (bypassing the eero gateway). If you continue to have problems, then you know 100% it’s not a problem with eero. But if doing that seems to remove the issue, then there likely is something going on with your eero system. If you have multiple eero devices (not just beacons), you can try swapping them and see if that resolves the issue as well.

      That might have all been stuff eero support had you try, but if not, give it a shot.

  • It is the eero and they can’t figure it out. Most of my connections time out or take 3-4 attempts.

  • I have a similar issue. But my setup is a bit different: I am running a Linksys router to my ISP and have the Eero Master connected to that in bridge mode with 2 beacons in a 3000 sq ft 1 story house. The WIFI on the linksys has been disabled until today - enabled for testing purposes. There are about 20 attached devices of various types.

    Here is the behavior I see:

    1. WIFI Connections to any eero node come and go. Connected to Eero wifi and running the eero app from my iPhone will show the node I am connected to as offline.

    2. Turning off Phone WIFI (using cellular connection): the Eero App reports all nodes as "hunky dory".

    3. Enabling WIFI on Linksys router and connecting there shows no issues (I just don't have the WIFI coverage this way). 

    4. The above behavior happens on multiple devices.

  • I have been having similar issues. This is a inferior product that Amazon should do something about. I personally think we might consider a class action against Amazon as this is their product and a very poor one at that!

    • jim10016 have you tried contacting eero support about the issues you’re experiencing?

      • jim10016
      • jim10016
      • 9 mths ago
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       Yes I got a great supervisor today who immediately worked out my current lack of conductivity issues.  Only proving that the people who work tech sport either or not trained or lack the knowledge and experience to help customers with their issues.  My problem is that this system is un reliable and the tech staff is poorly equipped to help with issues.  In a nutshell I don't trust this system to provide reliable service.

  • I have similar issues: I have 3 eeros strategically spread throughout my house, which is about 3,500 sq feet. My issue isn't with the hardwired eeros - it's with the wireless system - IT'S TERRIBLE. I've contacted tech support at least a dozen times and between moving all the eeors around from room-to-room (something I have done at least 2-3 times) and doing a massive reset of everything a few months ago, nothing seems to be working. I have a hard time connecting to Sonos, our Amazon Fire sticks experience wifi connectivity issues monthly, my Sony smartTV has issues with wifi as well and our cell phones are constantly having trouble connecting when I move within my house. The crux of the issue is that the eeros don't update so my phone (or any wireless devices, even stationary ones) will stay connected to the "living room" eero when the phone is 4 feet from the basement eero. The fact that you can't manually connect to the closest eero is also infuriating. I never had these types of issues with my FREE ISP provided router, what gives?

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